About me

Some random sentences about me.

and some pictures





My online name is Misha Pelt.


I am Czech woman, married to Dutch man, living in Spain, speaking not perfect English.


If you would tell me 12 years ago, that I will invent some things, that I will learn to make website, that I will play

music, I would not believe you.



I am passionate about live, numbers, guitar, music, bitcoin cash, and a lot more.


I am in half of my life, if I am lucky.


Time to stop all the bullshit and hold myself back is here.



There are valuable things I can share, and there are people who appreciate it already.



More people are  coming into my reality now.



There is not time to waste, not time to wait for perfection.



I am not perfect, nor my music, my English, nor my parenting.



And I will never be!



What a relief to realize that.


Here is a summary:

I am doing my best and I believe in humanity.


May good things happening is my mantra.


Bitcoin cash is my hope for change.


The E - System and NUMBER_SONICS are my passions.


This website is my tool and connection with outside world.


And you are my potential fun.




Meet me through the pictures.