Rainy Saturday, Aladdin and more


Kids visiting a friend.

Time to get serious about writing.

What is fresh, what worth the attention, what do I want to share with you?


Well, there is quite an event that happened and sure it is nice thing to write about.  At least for me.  If it is nice for you to read about I shall find out.        Or not.      It depends on you. Will  you share your thoughts?

I do my best as usually. To give and to enjoy. To enjoy the process of becoming. No matter what. There is always something becoming. Maybe a blog post, this time.





The Theater. The Pantomime. The Aladdin.  The community. The challenge.  The empowerment.


Couple of weeks ago, we were harvesting olives. Picture of harvest.  Hm-mm, how that goes together with a play? With theater?

It is the beginning of it. Let me tell you more.







Friend was helping us.  He pushed us a bit.It is a big job, to pick olives. widua_Twankie

With his enthusiasm and help it was easy after all.

But that is not what I want to write about.

Not this time.


He took a part in the play Aladdin.

He would be the mother.

And we started to chat about it.



There is a collective of people who started with Pantomime some years ago, maybe 5 or so. It is a voluntary thing, no grant, no wages, or similar staff.


When we moved to this area, the girls (our daughters) got involved. And me with them.  Once we were mar mates and sang a song, once we were friends of Cinderella and have hidden from evil step mother. Just a little thing really.  But even little things in a bigger picture must be synchronized, practiced, rehearsed.  We were attending these rehearsals and observing the actors. Their improvements and all around it.


We saw a huge change, opening, and acting, when a woman enters this group and became the director. Wow!!! I seen her stepping front, showing, acting out lines, encouraging people to connect with the feelings their character shall have. And she was getting it out of them!


I recall the thought floating through my mind, first time, how it would be to play? I thing this woman would get something out even from me! Ha-ha, we became a neighbors of the woman.  Friends.


And how we are chatting, I just tell him the above.

“They do not have an Aladdin yet” was his reaction.


A seed was planted. 


About a week after that, I visited my neighbor. I tried to slip out of it.  Decision was not made yet, but we shall see. “Let’s watch the movie” she suggested.  I did agree.


I should tell you at this point, that I consider myself as a shy. Some people, who know me, do not believe me. And maybe they are right. Maybe I just remember myself as shy, when I was a kid. We all are conditioned or were in one way or other. Or in hundreds of ways.


I am not thirsty for fame, I do not have ambitions to become an actor.  I am just a bit mad in my head. Luckily. Nice mad, my children say.



So, what are the reasons?


Well, I learned to listen intuition. I learned, there is an intelligence, way above my understanding, that time from time, sends messages, points the ways, offers challenges. I learned that if we take on challenges, we grow. I learned to listen to that voice. With my heart. Not with my mind.

Ok, not learned, but I am learning.


It was a bit like this:


The voice: “You can play Aladdin. You will grow from it. You will give to community.

My mind: “ You are mad! I have enough to deal with myself. What about the website, I should work on it. And it is a commitment, you have to come regularly.  I do not speak Spanish good enough. I had better practice the guitar…

My heart: Of course! I can meet people. Be more social. Lear new skill. Maybe it will help me with singing too! And the performance is soon. They do not have Aladdin!

The voice: It is a free, intense Spanish class!  There is much more in you. Aren’t you willing to recognize it? You can do anything you want to. Anybody can.      Do    you     want    to    play?

My heart: Yessed. I want to play. I want to impress Leon. (ten years together, one should know each other, but this part of me even I do not know) I want to experience unimaginable.

My mind:  Hmm, impress Leon. Impress others. Overcome the shit. (the mind is sometimes useful too)

The voice: You know. Listen to it.

My mind and heart:  both listened


Six weeks

From my first rehearsal to the performance it took six weeks. Tuesdays, Thursdays. The last week also one whole Saturday (dressed rehearsal with all the props and scenery). I did not miss once. I had period twice, and a flu. This is already big personal achievement for me. I committed to something, started, and finished it! As oppose to my endless creation of website, writing books on guitar theory, the idea with tunes from DOB. Hey…I am capable. And if it comes to it, responsible too. And here I am, writing a post about it. The voice was right.       I am growing!


When I first seen the script, what I will tell you…

Never heard this Spanish before. I can have a conversation, understand, but I do speak like a little girl, in present time, only.


That is not the way the story was written. Si yo hubiese sabido que esto iba estar tan pendiente, habria comprando un burro.  This kind of sentences.


That was getting serious. I really needed to study it. Another achievement, btw.  In order to remember the words, even to be able to pronounce them, I had to read aloud.

We live in a dome, four of us. No privacy. (did I mention something about challenges?)


At first, I had to overcome my shyness at home. (in the role of mum and wife) I guess I yearn for it. Years of motherhood can hide you. You can start dissolving in the role and losing the sparkly you, you have once been. Well, something like that. I felt like be more than mum. I fell like half of my life is gone. If I am lucky. As one never know, if tomorrows come. And I want to do something with the time that’s left.  I have the courage and the opportunities now. I did not have them (well, I probably did, but were not aware, conscious enough to recognize it) when I was young. Younger.

So, on the evenings I was learning the text, kids repeating, trying. My partner assuring me, that I am brave. (don’t know how to take that one, hi-hi)

On the practicing days, I learned a lot. We did some warming up exercises. We were reading our lines, learning you must always talk to the audience. That is weird, at the beginning, I can tell you. You are having a dialog with someone but you do not look at her/him. To create the connection, you look at the person, when she/he talks. And opposite. You are being looked at when you talk. And you need to talk loud. Project. In the pantomime, you exaggerate. You must make everything bigger. That was also weird. In pantomime, I learned, the public is involved. The actor is expected to do that. OMG! This is all becoming too much!


The voice: You can do it. Everybody can do it. It’s all in your head. Remember. You have been conditioned, brain washed, suppressed. You woke up.  You know it know. Its your turn. Do the best and get the best of it.


And I did it!  Part 2 of my story is coming soon.

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