Anika and Paola, the art, and the online world


Angel of darkness.

How the kids can be involved? We can not cut them off the technology, but we do not want that it eats them either. We want the kids to play, create and enjoy their childhood, don`t we?


Elf performing in front of audience.



This is maybe a way, that they too can add, contribute, and gain from the online world.  As a mum, I like and hate it. If they are on their tablets it means, that I have a time for me. At least a bit. But it is a tricky. Time goes fast and before you know, it is hours, that they are on, while I am working.  This is not really  the way I wish it to go.


An aha moment happened to me this morning, and I am creating this page therefore. This page is for them. Their content.


Right now, they are sitting in their beds, drawing new pictures, all exited, that I will put them out.  I mentioned my new discovery, the YOURS platform, and I said, when they create good content I will put it there, and they might earn some Bitcoin Cash.

Uuuhuuh….they know a bit about crypto, of course, because I am learning it and doing it.

They know about music, of course, because I am learning it and doing it.

I m finding my way  and so they are.


May good things keep happening.