Bitcoin Cash

What is Bitcoin Cash?

This is a question we are seeing a lot of since Bitcoin hard forked on August 1, 2017. Bitcoin Cash (symbol: BCC or BCH) is just a newer version of Bitcoin that split in August in attempt to solve the scaling problems that have been plaguing Bitcoin for years. At it's core Bitcoin Cash is just a continuation of the Bitcoin project that allows for bigger blocks which will give way to more growth and adoption. You can read more about Bitcoin Cash in this mega thread or learn the difference between legacy Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.

How is Bitcoin Cash different than Bitcoin?

Bitcoin Cash was created as an answer to the years-long debate among the Bitcoin community regarding the best way to scale Bitcoin to more users. The most simple solution, and the one adopted by Bitcoin Cash, is to increase the Max Blocksize Limit parameter of the Bitcoin codebase. While Bitcoin’s block size limit remains at one megabyte (allowing for ~250,000 transactions per day), Bitcoin Cash has increased the limit to 8MB, allowing for around two million transactions to be processed per day.

As far as the users of Bitcoin/Bitcoin Cash are concerned there is very little noticeable difference on the frontend when using either currency. The main difference between these coins is the fact that, given equal hashrate, BCC protocol allows for more transactions per second which translates to faster payments and lower fees.

Why am I  in and why I want to bring some information out?

Simple. It is a revolution.  Since I woke up few years ago I wanted to be part of the change we want to see in the world. At first, I though my contribution will be through my inventions. Now I see, I can use my inventions to spread the world about the noble revolution started by Satoshi Nakamoto, and being carry on by Bitcoin cash community.

There is a lot technical talks and information out, but for the ordinary (or potential) user, it is overwhelming. How many people does live in your town? And how many car mechanics? Probably few relative to the population. But almost everybody in your town can drive a car, right? Yet very few understands the mechanics involved for the car being able to move.

Similarly , in my opinion, we can use and adapt bitcoin cash, and we do not need necessarily have to  understand the code.

I feel, I can act as a bridge, between those who knows a lot and those who does not have an  idea.  Now bitcoin is getting popular, people who did not jump on years ago are discovering it. And possibly will jump on. Don't they deserve to know the difference between bitcoin and bitcoin cash? Specially if there is so much propaganda and false information?

May good things keep happening.

P.S.: I came across a great article, and I am waiting for permission to use it.  If that happen, I will read the article loud and make a video. I thing, it is a great intro into this theme. 

P.S.2: I was given the permission. Hope you will enjoy it and get the best of it. 

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