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Have you hear about yet?

Before I get into writing about it, I would like to share my creation. Tune derived from the word YOURS. Because that is what I do, what I like, and what I am bringing out. Tunes derived from date, name, word, sentence. NUMBER_SONICS. And combining it with my others passion and field of interest: cryptocurrency – especially Bitcoin Cash.





I know my website is not super occupied yet. But things can change quickly. For those, who come here now and then, I would like to tell you about Yours. org. 


About month ago, I got on board to this platform, created by Ryan X Charles and Clemens Ley.



Our mission is to improve the quality of content on the internet by getting people paid for creating and discovering good content. We’re making everyone in the world an entrepreneur on their smart phone.

We believe peer-to-peer payments are the missing piece in social media. The lack of payments are why the internet is filled with clickbait, spam, and fake news. People should be able to earn money directly from the people who support them. Not everything should be funded by third-party advertisers.

Furthermore, we want to get everyone paid – not just the people who create good content, but also the people who discover, curate, edit and moderate good content. Everyone who contributes to high quality content should earn money for their work.



Well, to me, this is an amazing statement.

And from my experience, it works.

I cashed in 10 dollars value in Bitcoin Cash. The transaction was done in seconds!   And I started look around and be active. I was happy to spend some bitcoin cash, because that is what I have. If I would have to cash in fiat, I probably could not have afford it. But like this, I fell rich and I can spent.  I made some posts, and I got tipped!  That feels so good, from more reasons. Not only, that I am earning cryptocurrency! How cool. But also it means, that somebody likes what I do.  And because is not that busy, like other platforms (steemit, reddit) your content most likely get noticed.


Most importantly, if we are on Yours, we are being part of Bitcoin Cash adoption. We are using micro payments in real life.  We are the prove, that Bitcoin Cash works, that is full of potential, and that it has value.  


Value of Bitcon Cash went up, I got some tips, I earned a bit from voting, bit from comments. Look how my balance is now.




In a month, I have two times more of “cash”.  I learned a lot, as there are really good articles published at Yours. I feel being part of the community.  I fell I am contributing. And finally combining NUMBER_SONICS and cryptocurrency.  I am no more experiencing the frustration from posting to social media. (like FB for example). My post does not get censored, few people I guess likes me, and are rewarding my efforts. In my parenting life, moms will know how time limited it is, I no more waste time by looking up for information. The quality content is in front of my eyes (mostly it is Bitcoin Cash, but that is what I was hungry about).

How more people will join in, and to post content will get easier (like drag and drop options for images and videos) there will be a big on-boarding of content creators from different walks of life, bringing their fans with them. I think, this is something for people from Las Alpujaras, that they could jump onto.  It’s so many of us, who has skills, passions, are good at their fields, have connections all over the world, but not really work here. You can share it, and be rewarded.  You can help bitcoin cash adoption, by doing what you like. You can earn cryptocurrency. This is cool.

We escaped the society, the crazy lifestyles that does not resonate with our hearts, but do we need to be surviving? No, I do not feel that way anymore. We are rich spiritually, we have good quality of life, that one can not buy, we are drinking spring water, we are living under blue sky, we do not have to breathe polluted air (well, chem-trails are everywhere, but still, compare to other areas), the fruit and vegetable is totally different story then in the northern countries….we have it all here. And we can get financially wealthy  as well.


There is noting about yoga, raw food, meditation, crystals, homeschooling, unschooling, nutrition, Buddhism, Hinduism, Sufi, martial arts, permaculture, pantomime, woman circles, hippies, natural birthing, Ayahuasca, shamanism, herbs, homeopathy, intentional communities, not much art, music, alternative lifestyle.  There is many amazing people living here. Come on, join and bring your skills and talents out. Its early stage and we all have a chance to be rewarded for quality content. Look for  post SAY HELLO  in general, and say hello to me in the comments, if you do not have any cryptocurrency to cash in, I will give you little tip so you can start.  As little as 10 cents is enough to publish your first post.  Use the share buttons to bring your content  out and get more people in.  That is the way to grow the platform.  If you are new and want to learn about bitcoin, this is a great place. Most of the content is free, just allow tipping, or there is something extra behind the pay wall. But you can learn a lot without spending, if you wish so.  This is revolutionary. It is your chance to get your messages out and be paid for it.  The YOURS.ORG. Thank you for reading, listening, contemplating. See you there?


May good things keep happening,


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