Mike Jingle

I would like to dedicate a post to Mike Jingle.


It is him, who introduced us the CAGED system. The seven major scales created by using numbers. The flamenco compas.


Our second daughter was born in his house. He also lend us money, which we did not pay back yet.  The money was used to give life for us. So my partner did not have to go play, when I was like a balloon with baby kicking inside of  me.  So I could feel safe having “my” man on my side. To pay the midwife, so I did not have to go to hospital, and could give birth at home.


It is 7 years later now, and this man, Mike Jingle is not in my life. Because I feel ashamed I did not pay back. I would love to let him know, that I too play the guitar now. I would like to show him my little guitar book I wrote. I would like to make him tune. I would like to show him the girls.  I would like he sees the improvement Leon achieved  with his guitar. I would love to talk to him, as my English is way better than back in time, when I mostly only listen.  I would like to meet, before the dead takes us apart.  Before I know, 7 years passed. Life is quick.



This is way for me, to start paying back. I can let you know about him. He plays Paco de Lucia staff. He plays flamenco. Solo and with flamenco gypsy group. He can organize authentic music for your small or big event.


Here is his website, I came across recently. Enjoy and discover.


Mike Jingle flamenco guitar




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