My journey to the dreamhouse




Simple, no images, no titles, no heaters, banners, etc. Just a story to my home.



Without looking for it, it came. An image, add, for a property in Andalucia. I rarely do click to an add. But I did.

It happen about a month ago, my girls still awake. So I call them to the computer. We were checking the pictures, reading the description. And we got very, but very,  exited. The house, cortijo, must be very close by to the place where we are living now.  We are living at a beautiful spot indeed. Magic land. In a geodesic dom. But it’s getting too small for a family with two growing up girls. And it does not belong to us. And it leaks in, when rains. But you can’t really call it a running water, can you? And we would love to have a recording studio. Space to dance! Space to sing! Space to make love! Hey, for how much longer I can enjoy this body? And for how much longer in this kind of shape and state? And we are still horny….eleven years passed and it only gets better.  But still, I would love to take a break from all the beloved once sometimes! Some mothers are reading this??? OMG! How I wish for a door sometimes!


For last couple of days, I fell the wave again. The power. The inspiration. Desire to break through. We are so close. (my older daughter is getting annoyed by this sentence). Getting close.  Yesterday she told me, that I am saying it all the time. Well, she can not see, from the higher perspective, that I am indeed right.



I have a passion. I have unique knowledge. I have also unique invention. I have a good heart. I learned a lot. I am a rebel and I do resist to the current system. I do not want sell things. And I know, that it is possible. It is possible to create money by doing what one like and is good at, without selling own soul or having a shop. I do believe in humanity. And I do believe in myself.


Now I have the house in my mind. It did all crystallized. I needed solid dream. Something tangible.  Here I am, setting myself up to a crazy journey. Journey to my home.


Wanna travel with me? From zero to 220 000 euro? Watch this space and cross fingers.