Number_sonics. Introduction. Example.

What do I mean by NUMBER_SONICS? Read, look and hear. 🙂

I could say: Give me a date, I will create

Using numerology principles and applying harmony, I am creating tunes.

Tunes derived from date. Mostly date of birth.

Also from a name. Or a word or a sentence.

Often it is just a chart written on paper.


Sometimes it is artistic expression as well.


For handicapped woman


Sometime I use computer to create the tune.


Sometimes I play it on guitar.


Often it is  present and make people happy.


I do not mind to share my inventions.


It is a good topic for conversation too. Hihi, I can impress people easily.

Sometimes you pay me. 

Sometimes you pay me a lot.

Sometimes nothing.

I think, by bringing it online, I will create a decent income doing what I like.

I think, I am fair, and people are fair too, and we make a nice exchange. 

My memorable received  donations:


60 English pounds

30 euro

0,2 bitcoin ( 400 dollars at that time)  it would be 800,- this days

0,05 bitcoin

tears of appreciation


flight ticket

organic juice

♥!Oh, and I love bitcoin cash!♥


And you will too when you open to the truth.

Key of F
the scale: F G A bB C D E F
chords: F major G minor Bb major F major
notes for melody: G G G A D G C A F F F
May good things keep happening