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Dear reader,


there are few things I would like to talk about in my videos.


  • my first invention The E – System For Guitars
  • my second invention NUMBER_SONICS
  • my experience with Bitcoin
  • learning about Bitcoin Cash



The E – System For Guitars

Born 8 years ago, just as a aha moment, that chords are born within scales. That to each strings relate a shape of chord. That numbers make it easy. Since then it is occupying my mind and daily life.



Born 2 years ago, as a solution for me, how to use The E – System, while I do not play so good yet. Using numerology principles and applying music harmony allows me to create unique tune from people’s date of birth. E – System then allows me to use the whole neck easily.



First time  hear about 4 years ago and could not comprehend.  Since a year ago, digging a bit deeper. 3 month ago go first fragment and the journey started.


Bitcoin Cash

A month ago there was a hard fork. Now we have two bitcoins. Which one is the “real one” .


Why I want to have a channel on You Tube?


  1.  I will be 40 next year.  Some know-how got accumulated in my head. I can also die anytime and the knowledge with me. Would not that be pity?
  2.  Living in beautiful part of world, Andalucia, Las Alpujarras. In order to have an income, there has to be online activity. You Tube can be a way, how I can monetize my efforts and gifts.
  3. Update: is the solution, but I still need to upload my videos somewhere.


I tried FB live, and I feel like I am capable of doing live videos. Sure it is easier than editing. For a beginner, that is really time-consuming, and I have a family to care about, and I need to practice guitar, if I want to become better.


And today I dig a bit into Youtubers staff. And found out, that one need 100 subscribers to be able to live stream from mobile.


I am a newbie.


Does anyone want to join? Help me to get started? Is so, please, hit the subscribe button on the video. Thank you!


I will be working out people’s tunes live. I will be showing, maybe teaching The E – System For Guitars. Both are novel ideas.  Shall we bring it out? As a bonus, there will be some bitcoin talks.


Thank you.


PS: I no more have the sound card. Could not make it work. I have a phone instead.

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