I do like change


I am not much of a disciplined person, and I am aware of it.

When we become aware of our minuses, put light on it, how the saying goes, the possibility to improve and change it is immediate.

There is a plenty of what  I want to change.

One of such a thing is discipline, consistency. I do not necessarily need to master it,  yet a decent improvement  in this field will bring positive changes to my personal as well as professional life.

There is a journey ahead of myself.  I am changing my environment for next three months. Leaving my current home in Spain, heading to the country of my origin, the Czech Republic.


I see it as a great opportunity to put myself together, become the better me, improve my  physical condition,  my musical skills,  get back to the habit of meditating regularly, spend more quality time with my kids,  keep writing and producing content, and become financially independent. I have the potential to meet all of that, and possibly could have done it already, if I would adopt and internalized the art of discipline.

There is also the low self-esteem crap, which I am letting go just now: DONE.


There is  a value in what I do and what I live.  Not for everyone, but for some. Why the hell I shall not share? I do not fear to be liked or hated. It is all subjective and personal, and we can never please or make angry everyone and all.


You are most  welcome to join me on my journey.


Thank you for reading,


May good things keep happening






My trip to Arnhem, the bitcoin friendly city, part 2

part one you can read here


The world trade center in Arnhem

I will be honest. I could not find the entrance. I had to ask a taxi driver to show me the way. I guess the guitar on my back was saying something like this girl has a gig there. Well, not true, but who cares.  My accent showed I am a foreigner and nothing embarrassing happen. The guy was friendly and directed me in.



Understand, It took me a while to acclimatize to the outside world. Can you see the difference in the pictures bellow?

This is where I came from:




The tall building is the World Trade Center.




As I was coming closer, beautiful sounds reached my years.  Sounded like jazz standards. Cool! Jazz is, what I am into just now.

But….hahaha !!!  No way I can do something with my guitar here.


I took quick look around and went out to roll me a cigarette.  Strait away a guy started to talk to me.  His t-shirt: Institute Cryptoanarchy, Paralelni Polis. I hear about that. It is in Prague, Czech Republic. The guy was Slovakian, but living in Czech.  We were chatting a bit, when other guy came. Tim.  He said, he is going to have a talk in Paralelni Polis the upcoming Tuesday. I wrote that in my memory.


Then I took another look around and a man stopped me. What is my name and what do I do?

Well, I am music innovator. And you? Are you one of the speakers? Yes? Whats your name?


Rob? Rob Mitchell?

It was one of the names that stayed in my memory. Probably because of his unique tune, consisting only of the key chords.

“Well, Rob, then I have a present for you!”

He seemed surprised.


I bowed down to reach into my backpack. Took a bunch of envelops out and search the one that says Rob Mitchell. I found it.  I passed  it. Another funny look. What did you said is your name? Misha Pelt? What is this? O, thank you very much.

Friendly guy.



I started to feel better. Less intimidated. It will be ok. I will distribute my tunes, and enjoy the party.


Dinner started and it was buffet. You can take what you want. Most of the time I do not eat meat. The tables were full, all nicely arranged. Mostly meat though. I found some potatoes, salad, pasta, fill up my plate and look around.

99 % of people here were males. A little bit intimidating.  The sounds of Jazz band so inviting.  I decided to sit bit a side, close by the trio. I could see them and hear them very well. They were so enjoying the playing, it filled my heart with joy. I do love to see people loving what they do.


Another man came and joined me at the table. His plate did not had meat either and we started to talk. About food at first, then about the band. He was a music lover too. He told me, that the drummer is the best one in Holland, and that he studied with him in past. He used to play the piano. So our conversation moved into music. And then my story, blabla, I am making tunes from date or name. How I came here, how I have tunes for the speakers. He found it very interesting, so I offered I can make him tune as well.


Oh my, it was never so hard for me to make it. Maybe because I was bit ill, my brain was tired from counting and working out the tunes almost whole day, the place was so busy and loud,….it took me ages to concentrate and create it. But I managed after all. Then we went out, with my guitar, and I played his tune for him. He took my card and said he will tip me later.

Cool. It is working!


So far, I talked to 4 man, and none of them was arrogant or act superior to me.


Time for another cigarette. Busy this this time. Bunch of people, man of-course, introducing each other. Then was my turn: well, I am music innovator. (haha, so glad I found this expression)

I have tunes derived from name for the speakers, no I am not attending the conference, yes I have bit of bitcoin.  One or two of them got envelop. 🙂


People would not expect music innovator to attend such a event, I guess.

Most of them said its cool.


Then the amazing think happen. White hair man started to ask, what do I do, how I got into bitcoin etc. So I revealed, I made a favor to friend, and he gave me 0,1 bitcoin. I am music innovator and I am creating tunes derived from date or name. He took his phone out and said: “I can do better.”

He connected me to his hot spot and tipped me. He sent me 0,2 bitcoin.

Can you imagine how did I felt?  There was a  bit pressure hanging in the air, my girls only let me go, because I promised them, I will bring some money back!

Hey, I am done!!!  I earn some, now I can really enjoy the party. Can you believe it? I have private jazz concert.  I understand, peoples heads were full of the upcoming fork and staff. Not many listened to the great music.

Me,  at that time, had no clue what is going on.

And  I did not attend concert for ages!!!


During the evening I was talking with this guy several times. He seemed very aware. Had a few kids, was doing a different parenting. Was generous. Not only to me, to others as well. We had a good match. He even offered me a job. His daughter plays cello, and if I would make a composition for her, he would pay me. How cool is that?  I suppose to take a pic of him, with the name and contact him later.


Unfortunately, I can not read the name.  The flash from camera made it impossible. If YOU are reading this post, please, get in touch with me! I am ready to compose. And I accept bitcoin cash. 🙂


I went back in, to enjoy the jazz trio. In my opinion, it was just great. I felt like to dance, but nobody else was dancing. Well, what would you expect in such an environment? I still had some envelops left, I placed  them on table, and watched. Some people passed, checked it out, another envelope gone.


Then I spot Amaury Sechet. I remembered that guy from the website. He looked the most “normal”to me. So I went to him. Introduce myself, passed him his tune. He founded cool, and asked, if he can listen to it somewhere. Well, not at that time, but I am thinking  to do all the tunes,  and place them somewhere.  Maybe to this website.  He was with another guy, I think, it was John Swingle. I gave him his envelope as well. They talk about smart contracts, and I took the courage to ask, what it is? Again, they tried to explain it to me, and again, no arrogance.


Now, for me, this is important. The atmosphere, the real people I met. I had a limited knowledge at that time, I am much more educated now, and  honestly, being there helped me to see and decide, on which side is the true.

Attending that event played major role why I support Bitcoin Cash now.

Why I got deeper into cryptocurrency.

Why I understand more now.

My trip to Holland and Arnhem was not only adventure. Not only I earn some, but It truly blew my mind away, how the people were nice to me. Understand, I am not tech person, at that time, I had not clue about the code. My understanding of bitcoin was (and still is) simple. It can change the world for better. It can take the power from bankers. The bankers are the biggest criminals.

I am not much of a  fashion girl. I do not wear make-up.  I had some silly imitation of Croccs.  I was there how I am, just me, with my idealism, honesty and good spirit.

And I felt welcome.


Could not resist to dance after all. Through my shoes away and enjoyed the sounds, enjoyed the band enjoying me dancing to their music, enjoyed being the only one dancing.  Pitty they quit too soon. I would have dance all night long. 🙂


On my last cigarette pause I pass the rest of envelopes to a guy, who said he seen some of speakers. His name was Andrew and he was of-course very nice too. President of Bitcoin Unlimited. He seen Ryan X Charles envelope and said he will pass it to him and others. I gave him the rest. I do not know, if they ever received it. Does not matter either. I still have the tunes, and I will make a records one day.


Week after I came home, I received mail saying that the QR code on my business card is not working and If I could send my address. Few days later another tip arrived. 0,05 btc.


I lived from it in the summer. There is bitcoin-mat in Prague that I learned  how to use. I purchased some things online for bitcoin. And I got more into it. Now I do not own any bitcoin core, but I have few Bitcoin Cash.


I feel, I am doing the right thing. I want to be part of the change. The change of system that is not fair, that oppress us, locking us from living, imposing bullshit ideas to us and our children.

I also hope to get wealthy on the way.  I always had an open heart and I will do good with my wealth. Why not, it’s just the beginning.


My crypto journey in points till now

  • first hear about Bitcoin 4 – 5 years ago, could not comprehend
  • change place, make new friend, he was into bitcoin since 2011, slowly I start learning
  • wanted my fragment, but could not afford it (living very interesting live out of civilization)
  • learn more, find out about bitcoin conference
  • receive my first 0.1 BTC
  • made a trip to Holland
  • get some more BTC as donation
  • back home started to play around, buy some things, went to bitcoin coffee
  • fork happen
  • got some money from my brother (for the kids when they grow up, tried to explain him, that it will not worth much at that time, explained I want to get BTC, and he gave me a bit)
  • staffed the Bitcoin ATM with cash and got Bitcoin
  • came back to Spain, learn more about Bitcoin Cash
  • move all into BCH
  • keep learning, understand bit more of the technicalities, politics, etc.
  • accepting Bitcoin Cash donations on my website
  • got on YOURS and wrote few things, get some tips
  • make a video to let people like me, who are not fully in, know, that there is major difference between Bitcoin and bitcoin CASH.
  • doing my best, learning, creating, writing with crap English, but hey, not many people speak Czech, and I m more than a decade away, and the voice in my head speaks English now
  • reading article about bitcoin aloud and recording it


Am open to new possibilities. The only limitation is my mind, and I am aware of it.


May good things keep happening.











My trip to Arnhem, the bitcoin friendly city, part 1

 The Future of Bitcoin conference in Arnhem

At the end of June, this event took a place in Holland, in Arnhem, the most bitcoin friendly city in the world.

I learned about it from a friend. He was going there. And I wanted too. Not necessarily to the conference, but to Arnhem. I wanted to spend my fresh bitcoin, and I wanted to bask and earn some bitcoin. The mentioned friend printed my QR code on A4 size paper so I could receive donations.  How exiting!


I do not get out much

But during summers, if there is possibility, we escape the Andalusian heat and go to Czech.  I started to make dreams and plans in my head.  🙂

When we arrived,  I start to talk about it. I said to my girls, that I would really like to go. They could stay with my family. My sister and niece would care after them.  I booked me a hostel.

They were OK.

For a week.

I was really surprised. We spend a lot of time together, since they were born, and I mean a lot. At times I am not sure if it was the right decision, because it made them  dependent on my presence in their daily life. Which make me feel sometimes like a prisoner. As I said, they seemed ok, and did not say a word against me going.

Therefor I purchased a ticket. To Amsterdam. The same day I did so, scenes started. Crying, freaking out, how they can manage 6 days without me!

It continued for few days and I had to make  changes. I canceled my first and last night. I got in touch with family of my partner, living in Eindhoven, Holland. They said, they would buy ticket for the girls and take care after them. And I could go to Arnhem for few days.


So, my trip reduced in length. I was “allowed” to spend two nights in Arnhem.  Better than nothing, I thought, although, it is not much of time to adjust, acclimatize for new environment.


The big day came and us, girls, went on travelling for a bit


We took train to Prague, bus to the airport, then plain to Amsterdam. There we have been pick by the family and went to Einthooven.



I spend a night there, the kids seemed happy, meeting with their cousin, aunt, and grandmother.




They were in good hands and after a long long time, Misha had an adventure, once again! Oh, how she loves the precious times on her own!




I found my hostel. Very nice, in the nature, close by to town. In the picture bellow is the way there. Isn’t it pretty welcoming?



After checking in, I look for places I can go to use my bitcoin wallet for the first time. OMG! There are plenty places to go. How can I choose? Well, I looked closely to the websites icons, and choose Cafe and Joy. I though, that is clever and creative. It’s the last logo in first column.


It took me  a while to find it. I had a black and white copy of map, they gave it to me at the reception. You know, it’s harder for woman to read maps, apparently. And the dutch long words!!! But I got there. And it was great.  I did some work. It rained, so of-course no way to play some guitar outside.

Once again I curry the amp and guitar without using it. But I learned in past, if I do not have it with me, I regret.





I spent several hours in that bar.   I liked it so much and decided to come next day again. The soup was superb, I had a cold so the hot and spicy did me really well, and the bartender was very nice and calm.  I felt safe and cozy there.

The transaction fees on Bitcoin were high, so I found a way around it, and asked, if I can have the same drink and food tomorrow and pay it all at once, today. And save almost 3 euro. (for another coffee maybe).

It was no problem. And the payment procedure  began. It was easy, and felt how to say, cool? Paying bill with alternative currency, just by few clicks on the phone.


What the life had for me?


When I came back to my hostel, woman was in my room. It was a dorm (eight beds) and I already knew, there is a woman sharing it with me, because I am a detective. Pink hairbrush said it to me.

And the woman was American, and they are very talkative, mostly. She was traveling Europe, and came to Arnhem for the conference.

Hmm, Bitcoin conference? Was my question.

Yes, how do you know?

Well, I am here also a bit because of that.

And I shared  my story.  How I play guitar, how I hoped to bask and earn some Bitcoin, because a lots of people who use bitcoin are here, and they also like to spend it, etc.

And she said: we can take a guest for tomorrow dinner. Would you like to come?

OMG! My heart goes crazy! Cool….I m gonna get there!

But you have to pay 35 euro.

Can I pay with Bitcoin? I do not have much cash. She did not now. She did not know much about Bitcoin either.  Yet. I offered her quick course, help with setting up wallet and even give her a bit, but she said, she will learn at the conference.

You have no idea, do you? Do you think, that they will be explaining you how to crate a wallet? It’s a conference about future of bitcoin! The top people of the world in this field are coming to discuss things.

She started to pull back.

I made her a song.  And then ask, come on, let me come. I am independent, I am not gonna be there with you. I just have to get there.

So she wrote email to confirm, if there is still a spot available.

In the morning I got email from her, that my place is booked and I shall ask at the reception.


If you do not know, Arnhem is the most Bitcoin friendly city in the world.

Here is talk from the conference, how it happen to be.



next day, Saturday


Its Holland, girl!!! Rain. Of course. Hahaha. How I thought I would be hanging somewhere in downtown, playing guitar, making tunes from date, chatting, hahaha…. but that was in my mind before I came.


Now, I can go to the dinner. I can meet with all the people. Waw. What shall I do? Well, that was not difficult. What shall I do. I always like to give. And I have this invention of NUMBER_SONICS, so I CAN always give.


After breakfast. By the way, what a breakfast!



I looked up the website (my friend give me link to it, so I was a bit informed) and find out all the speakers.  I did not want to do their date of birth, as it can be sensitive to some people, so I am not doing it without request.  I look for them, and wrote down all the names.  I converted the names into numbers and work out the tunes. It took me few hours. Half of them I practice on guitar. I got envelopes and wrote it on paper, just a note: Your date reflected in music. And the chords and notes.  Put my freshly done business card in (just  figured out how I can call myself  – music innovator! few days ago. ) on the card is my bitcoin address QR code. My stomach shrunken, heart pumping, amp in backpack, guitar on my back, no joint, and off I went, to the word trade center  in Arnhem.














My story from the dinner party in next post! Coming soon.




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