Customize Money Button, changes


Fixing the button

The Money Button created with blurry code.

I described my experience in this post yesterday.  It did not looked how it should. I got help from David, he sent me the code and what I shall change. Basically just two things. Change  const mb_type = from "buy" into "tip" and  amount 0 to 1.  I made those changes, and indeed, now it looks like it should. 🙂


In the custom html widget tought, are some !!!!!!!!! in yellow triangle and bellow it says, that 3 changes are needed before saving. I have no clue what they are and how shall I do it. I save it anyway and the button is there, and woking.


I am adding a screenshot of it





And this is screenshot of the Money Button




Above it are two of the rectangles, which is probably not needed. There may be some hint for people, to choose the amount they want to tip, if the sum is other then default. Like to tell them, that they can choose :-). I mean, "normal" people will not know that. The attention goes directly to the Money Button.

Aslo, the 10 could be changed or away? Is that deciding what the arrows will do? Shall there be 100 to move in dollars instead of cents? Or 1?

I added one more custom HTML widget with the code, so poeple do not have to scroll up to see the button, but it does not show fully. I added another widget (tags) and though it can solve it, but still, the Money Button does not show up.


Thats for my second experience with blurry code.


Thank You, David 🙂




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