Detox with MMS, starting today

I know about MMS, Master Mineral  Solution for years. At first, I though, that it is some kind of healing stone, mineral.


MMS, Master Mineral Solution

Only later I found out, that it is a solution, mix of Sodium Chlorite and Citric Acid.  These two mixed together create Chlorid Dioxine, gas, that has the ability to kill viruses and pathogens in the body, and allows your own immune system to heal your own body.


We are using MMS in our family

for minor things, like burns, disinfection, etc. It is also possible to take a detox cure, that last 21 days, and suppose to help, the body not only kill virus and pathogens, but also get rid of heavy metals.  For me, chem-trails are real, and time for cleaning my body came. Also, the last year, I feel my health is not really improving, opposite.

For almost a decade, I have lived clean life, off the grid, drinking fresh water, not having electricity, only later we got solar panels and internet, and the radiation with it. But at least it was bit controlled, not obsessive. Yet, the past year and half, we were living in conventional houses, had wi-fi all the time, I got into crypto, so too much behind the screen, naturally, as I began to learn. Got more on social media too, nothing too healthy. Way less movement, you know….


I am back in off grid life and no wi-fi, which is bit challenging, as I am still trying to make a life somehow, as an independent …what, artist, innovator, teacher….nothing really established quite yet, and I need to make my online presence and income.


Anyhow. I am buying MMS in Czech, from source, that is accredited by Jim Humble, the founder of MMS. Some years ago, in Prague, I went to talk, where he was present, and Andreas Kalcker, who is living in Spain, and some Dutch guy who’s name I forgot. It was very interested talk, and diverse audience. I could see some old people, obviously from little village, no offence, giving huge applause, standing up etc., those people healed their serious illness. I bought few books, and began to study what MMS really is, and how it works. I learned a lot, it is many years, and I forgot a lot now, and, I read it in Czech, and my English is not so good, but what I mean to say, is, I am confident enough, that it is not a toxic bleach, how mainstream media wants us to believe, quite opposite. The big pharma can not patent it, so they are trying to stop it. Of course, trillions are spent for pharmaceautic drugs, that coast few cents to produce, making huge profits for some. I don’t know, how you, but I am avoiding them as I can. Last years, I take a pain-killer, if I have to (there was a period in my life that I was so dogmatic, I would not eat pill even If I suffered terribly).


What I am going to do

The health recovery detox, is a process, where you drink MMS, every hour, for 8 hours, for 21 days. Eventually you get to 3 drops per hour (you need to listen to your body) which makes 24 drops a day.  As I mentioned before, one should avoid coffee, antioxidants, and also vitamin C (fruit is ok). I like my morning coffee, that is why I start later. Like that I can still have it.


Today I made the mix, and put it in glass jar with a lid. I use 8 drops from each bottle. On the jar I put paper tape and divided it into 8 parts. Every hour I have a drink. 🙂 . So far, I feel ok, only more thirsty. That is good for me, as it makes me drink more water, and indeed that is beneficial. I do not drink enough in winter time. Adult should drink at least 3 liters a day.





Do I expect something from this detox?

I hope to gain more vitality. Lately I am quite tired. I also feel my tooth more sensitive, and hope that will go away as well. My skin got worse, and I believe it is reflection of the health as well, so of course I hope for skin improvement.  I have some back pain, and would be surprised, if that would go away too, but lets see.  I turned 40 in the summer, half if lucky, so some care is only reasonable.

Oh, and I almost forgot! I also will lose some weight likely.



I will document my journey daily on Instagram, as it is easy from phone, and it is connected to this website too.  I almost forgot that! It is in main menu. Check out, time from time, if you are curious. I will write post about it few time during next 21 days as well.


P.S.: I tried this detox few years ago, but the third day I got emotional and freak out to my kids on public square and that scared me away and I gave up.

Which reminds me, I might get more emotionally stable after too :-).



Two times I overdose myself with MMS. It is because too much pain I wanted to get rid of too quickly.

It does not kill you, but the livers and kidneys can not cope with too much toxins killed and you start fell sick from belly, vomitting, diarrhea. But the day after! Waw, like new. After the first overdose I even stopped smoking for a month and drink coffee. The body just do not want that, naturally, after the cleaning.












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