Going to Czech for the summer

Every year, when the summer approaches, me and “my girls” are making plans to escape the Andalusian heat, and luckily, most of the years, we are  successful in our effort.




This time we purchased our fly tickets with Bitcoin Cash. Fairly easy and really quickly. Very convenient way to shop online, indeed.



If you are not a Bitcoin Cash fan, or not even cryptocurrency enthusiast, there is a big chance, that you either did not hear about BCH or in worst scenario, you fell for propaganda and lies served to you through out all social media and news.


In case you would like to learn, there is plenty resources these days. It is thanks to people, who know and believe in the power of decentralized money, and are doing their best to spread awareness about this topic.

For your answers and questions, and to see what projects, wallets, exchanges are available and in existence.



Another great resource of information and same time a platform for content creators to earn in Bitcoin Cash. Yours.org implemented micro-payments and the platform is empowering many people while also giving opportunity for us to learn.




And of-course the Bitcoin.com website, where one can even get some free BCH to get started and play around.




That is some links for today and now let me show you some pictures and tell some words about our  summer holiday-adventure.


My partner Leon brought us to the airport in Malaga. On the way we stopped on the beach, on one we used to park our van back in time, when the girls were still babies and we lived that kind of life, on the road, sort of.   I can not believe, they do not remember much of it.  Endless walks with our dog (bless him, he is gone for few years now), building castles from sand, collecting shells, playing at nearby playground….well, at-least in me, some nostalgic thoughts appeared and the realization that time passes really quick, as well.


We check in  and all went smooth. Every year it is better and better. Maybe I look less like a hippie, do not have a dog, am more secure and confident, in the process, in the languages, also the girls are sweet and helpful, not much of reasons to bug us.  As mostly, I managed to get my guitar up into the plain, and not pay for it.  Generally we pretend that it is a hand luggage and we do not take Ryan Air or Easy Jet. Smart Wings is the favorite for us, the people are mostly very nice, and as I say, one can take a guitar up. It is not really healthy for the instruments to be down in the luggage space. Also, things can get lost. And did in past, when I had to put her down there once. Luckily I got her back.


This year, we do not have a bed and we are sleeping in the tent, but! We have a car and that is really great! We can easily visit our friends, go for trips, move around.  Better for us to have mobility than bed and be stuck at one place.


My kind and caring father bought us a tent


And my kind and caring sister lends us a car; for the summer.




So we spent nearly two weeks in Strancice, village near the capital town, Prague.  Then this little car brought us to my friend Jana, who lives in the west of Czech, on boarders with Germany. They have three kids, and are nice people. The kids in Czech still have school, but they are not learning anymore, so it is OK for us to get a home here for a while.  In Spain there is still school too, but we quit sooner, and most likely the girls are not coming back. None of us can stand the system. Too long, too far away, from the ordinary life of many.




The view from our window is pleasant and I like to have a breakfast and my morning coffee over there.



And we also made a campfire and had a nice evening together, outside, on fresh air. Just on time, now it is very rainy and cold here. Janicka even made a fire inside, to keep the cold and humidity out.




As for improving of my physical and mental state, and working on myself, getting discipline to be part of my life for general improvement, I do eat better. I move more. I started to run, I do the Indian style, like 100 m run, 100 m quick walking, but no stopping. After 15 – 20 min I start to sweat and turn back. Only, I have sore lower back, and just when It got better, after acupuncture and exercises, and I went running (with all the kids) it got worst again, probably to show me, that running is yet not for me.





I wrote my Summer blog #1 about my acupressure experience on yours.org, here is the link, if it is of your interest. I have needles in my body for the first time!



Next story will be from Germany, I went there with my younger daughter Paola, we were basking, and met a first Venezuelan person in real life, and introduced him to Bitcoin Cash.  I will write about it soon, here or on Yours.

If you like to subscribe to my blog, I will be motivated to write more.  I am not too social person, with huge social followings, and If you share this blog with your friends, it will help me out in spreading the word.  Writing a blog and be consistent in writing, it is a journey, I am learning, and trying to combine  my passions and interests. Sharing it out with the world. The time will come and I will share my know-how from alternative music theory, and more. Step by step. At first, slowly, readers are needed. And experience in expressing myself. May good things keep happening.

Thank You.


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