Hash war and “Alice” and how the life goes…

First of all, I want to give empathy and show respect to Ryan. The situation he is in, hash war, is challenging indeed. And steps and decisions he took, are hard. I am only over a year in the crypto space. I hear about Bitcoin in 2012 but I did not comprehend it. My English was way worse at that time as well, not excuse, but also not a help. Years later I met a friend, and from him I learned about Bitcoin. I also learned about BCH, before its conception, and met some awesome people in Arnhem (even though, it seems, I never met them again in online life. I guess they were more in BU community and online places, while I appeared on Yours. I seen Ryans talk from Arnhem, and then found Bitcoin Optimist on Yours, from whom I learned a lot as well. It was the Segwit thing. Also, I could make here and there some money, and kept learning, and also at one period supporting new members and their content. It all felt great. I had an income for the first time from doing something online.  Whole new world opened, and consumed me. I was more obsessed with Bitcoin Cash then with guitar and my E-System for Guitars. It led me to create Cryptodignity.com. (which is available for sale now, somebody could do cool website with this domain name, but to mine reasons, it does not serve anymore. Why I say so. Because, compare to Ryans knowledge, mine is minimal. Compare how many friends he has, a have few, plus handles from elsewhere, …compare his businesses, I have nearly nothing…and yet, my heart feels broken, I was crying, having hard to explain to my family, why is it so. How the hash war is affecting me emotionally.  That whole world kind of collapsed. The love and energy and work the past year, working on the future, it is all gone. It is hard to deal with it. Also for people like Satoshi Doodles, BrianXV, you getting the clue…

It must be thousand times harder for Ryan

Cleaning, burning, dark, light,cold

Presents from Satoshi Doodles, Paola and mango pit.

And about me, I have to start all over again

I choose for the minority, I choose Money Button, I choose SV, Satoshi Vision. I am not smart enough I guess, to understand it all, but I have respect for Ryan and what he says, makes sense to me. I also can see, he is not blind fanatic or enthusiast, he was searching for the best option to build Yours.org on, and went from BTC, through LTC, BCH to SV. Make sense to me, that there is stable protocol needed, because one just can’t jump forever from coin to coin. (while we could just have Bitcoin) Then the  focus can truly take place and building and creating the flow. In summer, when this hash war, pre war started, (just when I managed to make a Cryptodignity fundrasier, which then I did not share out (from obvious reasons, dignity just started to fall apart). When the craziness, meanness, stupidness took place, I was so happy for Money Button. It was a hope and an island for me. I decided already then, that I will stick with it. It allowed me to not focus on negativity and things I do not understand fully, and rather  try and create a ground and  use for Money Button. Which then happened! I was the first person who install it on the website!
Now, how is the hash war impacting my life? Well, badly, to be honest. As you can see from the donkey image, I live in a place, that is kind of 30 years behind. I have no regular job, and had some BCH, which went to pay expenses the past year. I was bit worry about that, but also hopeful, I knew I will be able to earn them back. I am not stupid. But kind of from a different world, I am not so young anymore, not a social media expert, not marketing skills, yet, I have two inventions, that people would pay for, or that could generate enormous amounts of money, if the proper type of person would take care after it. But how to find them? Edit: it is several hours later, and I am having more clear idea, how to connect my things, Yours, Money Button, people, interests. I am learning. I am “constantly” on the edge of “surviving” (can not compare, but for our “standards” ). It sounds crazy, considering I am not in Africa, or Venezuela, or India. But it is often true. It went now so far, that we have no money for rent. Here is little crazy story from past two days.

Leaving the mountains

So, we knew, we can not pay the rent. And we actually do not even like it here. It is so cold, and no kids around. No possibility to earn money locally, really. Just a mountain village. We  had to take something, when we came back from Czech after this summer, or we would end up in the tent. And I thought, well, now it is going well, (money button in action) I need internet, I need to keep working, it is all turning…Well, I was wrong.

Packed and off we went

Still positive
We were told that we could rent a caravan at the coast, for 200,- and with that believe we went down the hills. Sadly, the information was wrong. It would cost us 35,- a day to stay. We would not last a week. What to do then? Come back to the mountains, where we do not even like it, where we have no option to earn money, where we are cold, and almost depressed? Wait until they kick us off? No way. There is a place, somewhere near, where my partner stayed in the summer, when we were gone in Czech, in a tent. It is about 200 metres up from beach, few terraces with trees. Past the town. He was playing concert pieces on the streets, for fat, ignorant and drunk tourists, who most of them do not give a shit. Well, he tried to make enough money for the winter time, but failed. We were lucky to meet a friend who gave us tent and decided to go live there for a while. At leaset there is option to make some cash by busking, …is it, or is it a wishful thinking? Anyhow, we went…
See the sea in the back 🙂
But as you can see from the picture, the sky got cloudy…
  • rain
  • no decent cloth for such a weather
  • no mattress
  • wild see you have to cross to get there
  • tent just tip top for us four
  • and in the night started to rain more and more

Next day

After a long long night, we woke up into more rain, and all in pain. Broken from the hard ground and stiff from sleeping on one side only, cuddling each other, warming up.
Put up the tent
There is no way to make money now. There is a danger, if the sea keeps rising, that we can not get in and out. So after a short discussion we came to agreement to come back to that house in the mountains. At least till the weather get better, else we are broken, physically and financially. We would have to invest last money into some mats, little gas cooker, and try to get some cloth for rain, shoes included. Not a chance…with that last bit of phone battery I read Money Buttons blog on censorship in the night and then the phone died. I was happy to read that. And it confirmed for me, how intense this is, for some way more for others. But war is not easy for anyone. So we packed again, and down we went, and then up the mountains…
defeated by the weather
I am sitting here, back, and writing this article for hours. With occasional distractions by the kids. My partner sold MMS (master mineral solution, something people in Venezuela could very benefit from, considering the medical situation over there, sadly, my post about it on Yours went unnoticed. But some doctor from Ibiza bought few bottles today, and we earned 50 euro. ) Another edit: it is so windy here, coming from the coast, very wise decision to return, indeed.

What is next

For years we are trying to make living by providing value for humanity. But non of us is a marketing strategist, not really a business person, also living on the edge all the time, is very hard to create and produce, most of you will not understand, I am afraid.  I have an alternative guitar theory, that surely people would love to know, but they do not know about me. Leon plays decent guitar. Flamenco, classical music, bit of a jazz, yet, he makes a few bucks and no more is able to support us (it went ok years ago, but times get worse, even though he plays way better now than years ago.
I wrote this book in 2012
The future looked bright not long ago, I thought, I am building position, getting more active and skilled in the online world, also bit noticed in the BCH community, learning more and more, getting ready to bring things out…bum. All gone. And a sadness plus it. The above is a gallery to show that I keep trying. It is not like we are sitting on our ass, doing nothing. We just did not made it yet. But we both have a potential. We even wanted to move to Barcelona, and start all over again. Even find a normal job, or Leon could play hotels and bars, I tried to find some place to stay, but not success. And official rents starting a 1000,- for one room flat! I mean, it is crazy. How can you break through,… So, what is the purpose of this post? Actually I do not know. I want to keep going. Hash war does not seem to stop.  Money Button works again. Also, I do feel the need to write, about how things are. I guess, I need to refocus myself. Start again building on Yours and Money Button. Bridge it to normal people. I could probably reach to music community, through my inventions. But for now, I have none. And you know, there is this stress and kind of need to earn money for your knowledge, because that’s the only think you have. That is what you worked  on but not been payed for.  I would most likely  just to give to people. I like to share. (that is probably why we do not have much, while we have a lot potential, while there are much stupider more confident people, who are ok financially, because they are vocal, and produce crap. And sadly, the humanity is in such a state, the victim state relief. 😉  Nobody will read such a long article, just about me and how the hash war is affecting my life, or will?  So to sum my thoughts:
  • I need help to overcome this life situation
  • I have products: MMS, Book, Tunes from date/name to sell
  • We could also drive Money Button customized van and become a live  commercial, talk and onboard people? (Could have some t-shirts etc?)Driving through Europe? Our kids are home schooled, we are free in this sense
  • You can also just tip me, with my new Money Button
  • I could team up with some skilled people and do something with Nubmer_Sonics (there is lot of possible, it could be incentive to get certain wallet, or just a business, to sell it, or some kind of app, bonus to start using Yours.org, healing tool (there is billion dollar market in spiritual, numerology, astrology staff). I can derive music from date or birth/name (in case you do not know)
  • I am thinking to start publishing on Yours, the guitar know how, but this does not solve the problem short-term. If I do so, I do not want to exclude people, who can not afford to pay for the post. That is not fair. Because some people really do not have. And such a theory could even allow them to create an income too. They can teach it.  It would solve it long-term, as this theory is not really out, and eventually the word would spread, and Yours would become big, and if thousands of people buy post for 10 cents, well…thats ok
  • I am bit desperate; I don’t give up, and would like to stay in crypto and work towards global adoption, but the imminent life situation is tricky
  • Thank You for reading, I know it was a long post, and I do not want to just drop hours and hours….
Music provides a kind of pleasure, that human nature can not do without Confucius

Take care after yourselves, and each other. We need that as much as Bitcoin.

Might be crazy, but not impossible. I now, it is not really capitalistic act, to just give, it is rather kindness and understanding, and considering fact that unified coin failed, because people do not want to unite, there is not much of chance, but there always is  a probability, however big or small, isn’t it? I Thank You Kindly.
Do not hesitate to contact me, if you would have some advise how to get out of it, considering my talents (I obviously can not do some things, that others can do easily) and can do some, that others can not do. Like changing dates and words into chords and notes.

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