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Money Button Paywall

Hi again :-),

I have another Money Button experiment to report 🙂


You know, it is really nice, that you are coming back to this site. Checking out, what I have learned again.

So this time, as the title say, it is about pay wall.

I made a pay wall last week, and put a silly sexual not really joke, rather a tip, but it was not welcomed nicely in my family, actually terribly, and maybe I was silly….so I deleted it.

I tried yesterday again, and this time I put my book behind. And a Skype/Zoom lesson. But the wall is set for 25 dollars, and it probably will take time, till someone slides it…even tough, there is a present for the one who slides too….


Anyhow, today, I woke up, check out my money Button, which was bit empty last days, and yay, there is like 15 dollars more. It made my day again.

And I feel motivated, encouraged to keep trying and discovering, learning….


So far, since the launch of Money Button, I learned how to:

  1. install Money Button
  2. change website from http to https
  3. set the Money Button, so I can share with other BCH address, like on this website, where I share 20% of tip with Eat BCH South Sudan (pity nobody really goes there, its quite some tune, check it out)
  4. set the Money Button so each of my family gets a portion of the tip
  5. some basic of html, incredible, who would say that few month ago 🙂
  6. create a pay wall, and it is because @cranau had a chat with me, and went through all the code, explaining things…OMG! so much things make more sence now, I know, what I have to focus on when learning! Thank you so much Cranau.
  7. what I learned today, again by trying and failing, observing and trying again, to set the pay wall, but this time, with multiply transactions.


There is much more, but I like the number 7. It is seven basic chakras, 7 basic keys, 7 basic tones, 7 rainbow colors, you get the idea.


How Misha Pelt managed to create a pay wall with multiply tx output, when she can not really code, and the language, even though if starting make a bit of sence, it’s still forener


As always, I was observing, and applying the trial and failure approach, hihi, she did not even know, there is a definition of it, just found it by checking the right spelling


Definition of trial and error

: a finding out of the best way to reach a desired result or a correct solution by trying out one or more ways or means and by noting and eliminating errors or causes of failure
also : the trying of one thing or another until something succeeds


Today I wanted to make a paywall, and use the button, where we all share. That button is created as tip button. And the addresses I managed to put there, but observing existing code, you can read about creating that button it this post

I also have the code from Cranau, and that is how I make the pay wall. You can also use Money Button, and get that code. Click here, to do so. I just copied it all in my post, change Money Button for mine one, kept the things for CSS and Javascript, and free content and pay content, and placed there my text. The issue was, to set up the Money Button, so there is four addresses and not just one. I tried few times, different things, it is interesting, when you actually have not much of clue, what you are doing. But every time bit more!


It did not work and did not work, then it was there, but as tip, no pay wall, hmmmm, and then I remembered, that when I was reading the Money Button documentation page for the first time,something possibly important stick to my memory. Something like: you can not use this, if you use this, or all this have to be present. So I went there again, and read it.


Believe or not, what I did after that, worked on the first go! See the picture bellow.




I deleted from the snipet data-amount, and data-currency, keeping the data-outups with our addressed. Also there is not data-to (where you normally put address or button id. And it is working now.


You can try it. By sliding the button, I get 2 cents, Anika, Paola and Leon each one cent.
Probably not this month, but hopefully in near future, we will put our resources together, and pay the rent and food each month. Little by little, for the first time, with Money Button, the passive income is happening to me! To us!


Why? because:

With Money Button, good things are happening!


Behind the pay wall is tune, that I made long ago, in computer, it is mp3. At that time, I was not yet recording myself with the guitar, ach, the low confidence…luckily for me and some of you, that is past 🙂


Slide the Money Button to listen to the tune, derived from word YOURS

Hey, nice to see you here, behind the wall! Enjoy the sounds…




If you do not struggle with money, and would like to support me in my learning, slide the button again. Kindly thank you for the empowerment!



If you feel to comment, this is your space :)