Money Button with multiply tx output, no external wallet, pure MB



This is how it looks like, if someone shares tip


Money Button with multiply tx output


Hi 🙂

Today I created new Money Buttons. I did that before, but I use wallet as address, my girls did not have their own Money Button registred. I made a post about it before.

I changed that today, because wallet does not serve this purpose anymore. Money Button is on BSV, Bitcoin, while wallet is for BCH.



  • new email addresses on for both, Anika and Paola
  • configured Money Button for each girl (user id number 1350 and 1351, waw!)
  • went to the old Money Button code, change outputs instead of address into user id number
  • placed their Money Button to my sidebar
  • test it, it worked!
  • making a post…


If you are reading this blog, you know, that we have a new place. We getting acclimatized and girls start with their art again. Today’s creation is bellow. They do the drawing and then play something they call 4 color challenge. They pick 4 colors with closed eyes and with them color the girls 🙂











Take care, have fun, and  if you do not have, create your Money Button here. I am not payed to shill it, I just love it 🙂

May good things keep happening…

If you feel to comment, this is your space :)