Money Button with multiply tx output, no external wallet, pure MB



This is how it looks like, if someone shares tip


Money Button with multiply tx output


Hi 🙂

Today I created new Money Buttons. I did that before, but I use wallet as address, my girls did not have their own Money Button registred. I made a post about it before.

I changed that today, because wallet does not serve this purpose anymore. Money Button is on BSV, Bitcoin, while wallet is for BCH.



  • new email addresses on for both, Anika and Paola
  • configured Money Button for each girl (user id number 1350 and 1351, waw!)
  • went to the old Money Button code, change outputs instead of address into user id number
  • placed their Money Button to my sidebar
  • test it, it worked!
  • making a post…


If you are reading this blog, you know, that we have a new place. We getting acclimatized and girls start with their art again. Today’s creation is bellow. They do the drawing and then play something they call 4 color challenge. They pick 4 colors with closed eyes and with them color the girls 🙂











Take care, have fun, and  if you do not have, create your Money Button here. I am not payed to shill it, I just love it 🙂

May good things keep happening…

Misha Pelt

With the Money Button release my vision became clear and easy. Despit the crypto frenzy, we have now an invention, that opens the door for users of most cryptocurrency,to pay and be payed online, to create apps easily, enable content creators of all kinds to have an income. Opens the door for people to use clean money aka Bitcoin cash on daily basis, if they wish to. At last but not least, it is allowing me to do what I like, what is useful, helping others and myself. In plain langueage, I am out of the shit, without compromising my values. I knew I am gonna make it, and it is happening right now! Welcome in the wonderland.

If I evoke some thoughts or emotions, would you be so kind and write me about it?