My trip to Arnhem, the bitcoin friendly city, part 1

 The Future of Bitcoin conference in Arnhem

At the end of June, this event took a place in Holland, in Arnhem, the most bitcoin friendly city in the world.

I learned about it from a friend. He was going there. And I wanted too. Not necessarily to the conference, but to Arnhem. I wanted to spend my fresh bitcoin, and I wanted to bask and earn some bitcoin. The mentioned friend printed my QR code on A4 size paper so I could receive donations.  How exiting!


I do not get out much

But during summers, if there is possibility, we escape the Andalusian heat and go to Czech.  I started to make dreams and plans in my head.  🙂

When we arrived,  I start to talk about it. I said to my girls, that I would really like to go. They could stay with my family. My sister and niece would care after them.  I booked me a hostel.

They were OK.

For a week.

I was really surprised. We spend a lot of time together, since they were born, and I mean a lot. At times I am not sure if it was the right decision, because it made them  dependent on my presence in their daily life. Which make me feel sometimes like a prisoner. As I said, they seemed ok, and did not say a word against me going.

Therefor I purchased a ticket. To Amsterdam. The same day I did so, scenes started. Crying, freaking out, how they can manage 6 days without me!

It continued for few days and I had to make  changes. I canceled my first and last night. I got in touch with family of my partner, living in Eindhoven, Holland. They said, they would buy ticket for the girls and take care after them. And I could go to Arnhem for few days.


So, my trip reduced in length. I was “allowed” to spend two nights in Arnhem.  Better than nothing, I thought, although, it is not much of time to adjust, acclimatize for new environment.


The big day came and us, girls, went on travelling for a bit


We took train to Prague, bus to the airport, then plain to Amsterdam. There we have been pick by the family and went to Einthooven.



I spend a night there, the kids seemed happy, meeting with their cousin, aunt, and grandmother.




They were in good hands and after a long long time, Misha had an adventure, once again! Oh, how she loves the precious times on her own!




I found my hostel. Very nice, in the nature, close by to town. In the picture bellow is the way there. Isn’t it pretty welcoming?



After checking in, I look for places I can go to use my bitcoin wallet for the first time. OMG! There are plenty places to go. How can I choose? Well, I looked closely to the websites icons, and choose Cafe and Joy. I though, that is clever and creative. It’s the last logo in first column.


It took me  a while to find it. I had a black and white copy of map, they gave it to me at the reception. You know, it’s harder for woman to read maps, apparently. And the dutch long words!!! But I got there. And it was great.  I did some work. It rained, so of-course no way to play some guitar outside.

Once again I curry the amp and guitar without using it. But I learned in past, if I do not have it with me, I regret.





I spent several hours in that bar.   I liked it so much and decided to come next day again. The soup was superb, I had a cold so the hot and spicy did me really well, and the bartender was very nice and calm.  I felt safe and cozy there.

The transaction fees on Bitcoin were high, so I found a way around it, and asked, if I can have the same drink and food tomorrow and pay it all at once, today. And save almost 3 euro. (for another coffee maybe).

It was no problem. And the payment procedure  began. It was easy, and felt how to say, cool? Paying bill with alternative currency, just by few clicks on the phone.


What the life had for me?


When I came back to my hostel, woman was in my room. It was a dorm (eight beds) and I already knew, there is a woman sharing it with me, because I am a detective. Pink hairbrush said it to me.

And the woman was American, and they are very talkative, mostly. She was traveling Europe, and came to Arnhem for the conference.

Hmm, Bitcoin conference? Was my question.

Yes, how do you know?

Well, I am here also a bit because of that.

And I shared  my story.  How I play guitar, how I hoped to bask and earn some Bitcoin, because a lots of people who use bitcoin are here, and they also like to spend it, etc.

And she said: we can take a guest for tomorrow dinner. Would you like to come?

OMG! My heart goes crazy! Cool….I m gonna get there!

But you have to pay 35 euro.

Can I pay with Bitcoin? I do not have much cash. She did not now. She did not know much about Bitcoin either.  Yet. I offered her quick course, help with setting up wallet and even give her a bit, but she said, she will learn at the conference.

You have no idea, do you? Do you think, that they will be explaining you how to crate a wallet? It’s a conference about future of bitcoin! The top people of the world in this field are coming to discuss things.

She started to pull back.

I made her a song.  And then ask, come on, let me come. I am independent, I am not gonna be there with you. I just have to get there.

So she wrote email to confirm, if there is still a spot available.

In the morning I got email from her, that my place is booked and I shall ask at the reception.


If you do not know, Arnhem is the most Bitcoin friendly city in the world.

Here is talk from the conference, how it happen to be.



next day, Saturday


Its Holland, girl!!! Rain. Of course. Hahaha. How I thought I would be hanging somewhere in downtown, playing guitar, making tunes from date, chatting, hahaha…. but that was in my mind before I came.


Now, I can go to the dinner. I can meet with all the people. Waw. What shall I do? Well, that was not difficult. What shall I do. I always like to give. And I have this invention of NUMBER_SONICS, so I CAN always give.


After breakfast. By the way, what a breakfast!



I looked up the website (my friend give me link to it, so I was a bit informed) and find out all the speakers.  I did not want to do their date of birth, as it can be sensitive to some people, so I am not doing it without request.  I look for them, and wrote down all the names.  I converted the names into numbers and work out the tunes. It took me few hours. Half of them I practice on guitar. I got envelopes and wrote it on paper, just a note: Your date reflected in music. And the chords and notes.  Put my freshly done business card in (just  figured out how I can call myself  – music innovator! few days ago. ) on the card is my bitcoin address QR code. My stomach shrunken, heart pumping, amp in backpack, guitar on my back, no joint, and off I went, to the word trade center  in Arnhem.














My story from the dinner party in next post! Coming soon.




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