Number_Sonics give away Colored coins on BCH

Money_Button causes


The End of survival of an independent artist and inovator, Misha Pelt.


In the Bitcoin Cash space, and crypto space partially, I guess poeple are aware, and awaiting the revolutionary Money_Button release.

I do have the prototype down bellow, and most likely I was between the first people who implemented it.


This kind of invention is somethink I wished for and now it is a reality.

!!!Thank You, Ryan X. Charles!!!


I am getting ready for the Money_Button release, and actually preparing a surprise for that day. But that is not, what I really want to talk about.


Today, I created colored coins

called Number_Sonics give away, as a means of excahnge, so some of you still can get this tune for free, even without knowing me, or asking me for a favor.


I issued 1111 units and I will give them away. Some totaly and  some as excahnge for your support, help, love, spreading the word etc.


May good things keep happening …





Please, Feel free and ok, to  sent me your cashaddress through the contact page to receive some Number_Sonics give away colored coins! It makes me happy to give.



HandCash handle is $cryptodignity, if you want to support me, I kindly appreciate it, as I am stuck in Czech and need fly tickets back to Spain, for me and my two girls. I purchased only one_way, with BCH, and the currency is so down now, that if I have to buy them all myself, I will have not much left.



Yours Misha Pelt

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    1. Hi:-)
      Also to the address from reddit. You will have enough for freiends and family, birthdays and Christmas presents. The first mover adventage. Thanks again for being revolutionary!

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