Number_Sonics, the world’s first and only guide to date-based music creation

Number_Sonics, the world’s first and only guide to date-based music creation, volume 1, first edition is out!


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  • perfect present for you musician friend, Christmas nearly here
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  • harmonize yourself or your dear ones, music is vibration, if composed from date of birth, using numerology principles, it does have a positive effect on the body and mind
  • use it as a tool to practice in all music keys, we learn the most, when we have fun
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Volume 1, first edition, is available for you, to give you taste of what numbers can do in music. More books, videos and articles on the way, stay tuned!

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  • Number_Sonics, volume 2, derive music from name
  • Number_Sonics, volume 3, advanced, implementing chords
  • The E-System For Guitars, guitar manual to compose music easily, using shapes, numbers, strings, based on intervals, minimal knowledge of conventional music theory required. Alternative guitar theory, that is not out yet!
  • Create chords easily, all over the guitar fretboard, advanced, jazz, any (easy, using numbers as well).





Number_Sonics The world’s first and only guide to date-based music creation, volume 1 (1)


Thank you for your interest in Number_Sonics, and my teachings. I hope you will learn, make someone happy by giving the book, or making a tune, and come back for more. Please, support me bellow, so I can produce more and more for you. 🙂 Take care and see you soon!







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