Online busking, why not, it is possible these days

On the rooftop, this sunny day, with my guitar and Number_Sonics making for thispost ,

I thought of online busking. My partner Leon went to the coast for the weekend, to make some money for us,  and I am with the kids.  Many times I thought if I would have free hands, what I would be able to achieve? And the idea of online busking is incubating in my mental womb.

The age of internet, cryptocurrency and micro-payments

opens up doors with many possibilities, opportunities, and  experiences, that have never been possible before. Like micro-payments.


With Bitcoin Cash

micro-transactions are possible. The fees are close to zero. Transactions nearly instant.  And can be sent from anywhere on the planet, no opening hours, no holidays. Full time on.


I did not practice playing guitar much, since we are back in Spain, few weeks, and sure you can hear it. On the other hand, there is not many girls, playing guitar on the roof, to entertain BCH community, and maybe to let some other people know, that Bitcoin Cash exist.


Hey, if you are a musician, stay in touch! Remember? I am pregnant with ideas!!!




So I went for it, and created brand new Money Button, my magic hat. How much would you through in, if you would meet me in real life? Would you look to other side? Would you stop and listen?  Ask about BCH? Through some coins? Get me a coffee? Welcome to virtual reality.


Misha Pelt

With the Money Button release my vision became clear and easy. Despit the crypto frenzy, we have now an invention, that opens the door for users of most cryptocurrency,to pay and be payed online, to create apps easily, enable content creators of all kinds to have an income. Opens the door for people to use clean money aka Bitcoin cash on daily basis, if they wish to. At last but not least, it is allowing me to do what I like, what is useful, helping others and myself. In plain langueage, I am out of the shit, without compromising my values. I knew I am gonna make it, and it is happening right now! Welcome in the wonderland.

If I evoke some thoughts or emotions, would you be so kind and write me about it?