Playing with Money Button again


What I have done with Money Button this time?


Experimenting with multiply tx output. And creating a button, that the family shares.

First of all, I am not technical. Yet.

I began to learn to code. Suddenly, all the letters, and business started to make a little more sence.  For many of you, this is very normal.

Lets put it other way around.

To make a tune derived from name is easy. You just have to turn letters into numbers, and find out the Key. You then transform the numbers into chords, and harmonize them. Find possitions on guitar that are playable and sound good. Done.


I can do that in minutes. similarly, many of you can create all possible things in minutes. It is the languages, that we mastered, that make things easy for us. 


How is it possible that Alice like me, can do such a things?

  • the faith in Bitcoin
  • the amazement of being part of it
  • the wish to be useful
  • the need of being the change
  • the balls
  • the awesomeness of learning
  • the courage
  • the fact, that I am me and capable



The steps I took to make this button

  1. examining the existing snippet
  2. figuring out, how the addresses fits in
  3. copy 3 times the part of code that seemed to influence the addresses
  4. deleting existing BCH address  and replacing with 3 other ones
  5. finding out, that it does not work
  6. examining the two codes closely
  7. finding the mistakes
  8. trying it again
  9. it is working now!




Here is other one, for those who can easily afford to slide it, and want to support me on my journey. The whole family gets the same  portion of the tip. But at the end of the month, we all will pull our recourses together to pay a rent. (at least I hope so!)



Why I made a button that the whole family share?


Because we have a common vision. We all would love to have a home.

We all want a garden, to produce food for us.

The smaller one most, but we all would like a dog.

I am on the computer constantly. Almost. I am still cooking, cleaning, and occasionally entertaining the kids.  Making love with my partner.

But it is too much for them all. I am not present for them like I used to be. Not that much attention. Not that much love, seemingly.

There was a time, we were living in this environment. We are not, the last year, which has both, pros and cons, but that is for another story.




So, I got the idea, that if they too, will see what Money Button does, they will forgive me. They will let me focus more. They will unite to create an environment and space so I can learn more, and produce more. My greed for time and space, their greed for money. Let’s see, what comes out of it. 


As I mentioned, I am learning to code now. I already understand a bit of HTML, and reading about CSS, next is Java script. Then, I shall be able create apps like




I tell you in my next post. But to give you a clue, adoption, Czech, Bitcoin x Bitcoin Cash, empowering, and of-course, leading to financial independence and betterment of life situation.

We have love and awareness. But we are missing the kind of freedom, that money can give. It is better this way, as the other way around is hard. There is many rich people, that are clueless and ignorant.  And unhappy, sad, and lonely.


Oh, I almost forgot to add my mantra:


May good things keep happening…


and also the updated version:


With Money Button, good things are happening!



Take care, people, thanks for reading and sliding 🙂






If you feel to comment, this is your space :)