Real BCH suporters are buying presents with BCH, do you have a friend that plays the guitar? Slide Money Button and buy the book and a consultation with me!


The E-System Guitar Manual, exclusively for musician friends of early Money Button adopters

Christmas are coming. Time to think about the madness. Are you gonna waste your money because you feel obligated to buy? Are you gonna buy some crap, cheap or expensive, from big corps or chineese store? Presents that makes people happy for a while? Ends up somewhere in the corner?

If you want something else this year,and happen to have a friend who plays the guitar, then I do have a solution for you. This method is not out. Browse the intenet and try to find something similar. You will see. I invented it. Or re-discovered most likely. It is probably some antient knowledge. Give your musician friend this book and a Zoom or Skype consultation with me.

I will go with him/her through the book, until they get it. They shall be able to play barre chords, though. So maybe find out first, the level they are at.

Slide the Money Button to download the book

Cool 🙂

You/your fiend/your love, are between the first people that will gain such a knowledge.

I hope it will fulfill the expectations, if there are any.  Please, contact me on  to book the session, Skype or Zoom. I am happy to asist.

And I also have a present for YOU!!!!! Why? Because I think you are cool. You support real person, art. And I like to give. If you would like that I make you tune, from your name, or date of birth, contact me and I do it happily. 

Link to the book is bellow.

If you feel to comment, this is your space :)