Record phone screen, unlock with Money Button how to do it

Money Button Paywall

Hey again! Money Button lovers and future Money Button lovers! Few people asked me, how do I record phone screen. Well, took me  a while. I am an Alice, after all. Year ago, when Unit wallet came out, and I wanted to record my experience, I was doing it on phone, and recording from laptop.


Phone recording of creating Money Button

When Money Button was released, and you know, I really, really do like Money Button;  not only for the tech, but also, in the mad times, It kept me focus, not distracted. Whatever is happening, we have Money Button. I stick with that. I found out, how to record my experience with it. The first Money Button video was  also just on computer, and second one with phone recording the computer, I was helping my niece to install Money Button, but then I made one nice one, almost profi πŸ™‚ and recorded it on phone.

And then came the Chickens!


And people started to ask, how did I do it?

What? Me? I am the last one who know how to do things, or not? πŸ™‚

Or I am just learning fast πŸ™‚


Well, my kids, are teaching me capitalism. They made a gym and I pay 5 cents to use it. Lucky me, that I can pay with Bitcoin Cash! Therefore I created a paywall again.


Here you go,  find out how to record phone screen (Android phone)

and I have an hour in gym! Win-win. 


It is an Android app. It is really easy to use. Have fun and do not forget share what you recorded!

Thanks for helping me get fit. Actually, the button has multiply tx output, so only 2 cents are for me. I need 2 and half of you, to cover my fitness. πŸ™‚


Maybe I will start with some 5 min excercise. Like, first online BCH gym. Would you go sometimes? To stretch out a bit, let the blood flow, get some oxygen….:-). So easily we get absorbed into the online world, but everything flows better if we move! See you, and have a good day.


May good things keep happening!


If you feel to comment, this is your space :)