Seeking opinion for my idea, and getting it ;-)



Misha Pelt Misha Pelt

Jun 28, 08:44 MST

Hello Ryan,

I would like to express my thoughts and idea for the Moneybutton and Cryptodignity.
As you know, when you released the prototype I immediately tried to implement it. It was because I thought already before about something like that for the website. I was thinking to contact Rob if he could make something like tiprbot and people could be tipped there. I did not, the website is little. But with huge potential.
I submit my idea to lighthouse and they wrote me back they like it, and sent email with some questions and project description to answer back. I do not know, if they really mean it, or if it was general email to all who submitted something though.
Now, I have to decide. Be small and start just like one girl with little website, or jump into it  and express the higher idea. I guess, I am writing you to find out what knowledgeable people in the industry think about it.  In one comment on Yours, bit longer ago, you expressed you would like to help people (Venezuelans) to have an income. It is connected. I wrote nothing to you back, it is sometimes hard for me to write out what is in my head, being non English speaker does not make it easier either.
As you most likely noticed, I am not the best guitarist, it just happen to me, that I invented (rediscovered maybe) some things.
Let me tell you, what is in my head.
There is plenty of good musicians, who never will be visible, or have an income from what they like to do, unless they change and produce music for the masses, and become somebodys slave. I think, that Cryptodignity could change that. And also connect those people with crypto.
Also, if only me would be doing it, I would need many lives to play all the tunes….
The website could be totally redone and invite musicians to participate. They would only get the chords, notes, and express the tune their own way.
And each of them could have money button. I seen, that more people can share the tip.
There could be little part put in the website fund, to create a shop. Profit from the shop could be shared igually between the members.
There could be some part put aside, to help others in need.
What is needed, is participation from the community, to tip the artists, till it become mainstream. And also bring the website out. Which would not be difficult if there are people liking it.
It could also be place to learn, writers could write about the personalities, projects, and newcommers could learn in fan way about crypto.
It is just so much possible, that I am thinking why shall I stay small, if this can create whole new music-crypto sphere and help out many people and spread awareness and adoption.
And it is something so novel and unique, that it would take attention for sure.
I thought to let you know, because it is unique use for moneybutton, and maybe you should now about it, you also encouraged us to do so, in you post about moneybutton.
I can not do all of this alone. My background is totally different, and it is already amazing, where I am now, compare to 15 years ago.
All the best with everything and may good things keep happening.
Thank You.
Misha Pelt




Ryan X. Charles (Yours)

Jul 7, 10:54 MST

This sounds like a great idea and it’s exactly why we’re building the money button. The money button makes it much, much easier to develop apps that incorporate p2p payments. This app could be made after we finish the money button.

If you feel to comment, this is your space :)