Download E-System Guitar Manual

Hi there,

if you are coming here, because you do watch my videos on Keyport.TV, you likely know why.

You can download the E – System Guitar Manual, a practical manual to compose your own music easily.

Check it out, that is, what the first 10 video sessions are/will be about.  There is also the 7 maps we will use to compose our music and expand on lessons, as we progress. In these videos will be more information  and you can also give questions, either on my Twitter account @mishasguitar, or through contact form here or leave me a comment.  Try to be relative to what I am showing you now, as music theory is vast, lot can be answer with E-System, but it is important to grasp the basics first.


Eventually, I will provide you with extra material, so you can see staff on paper. And give extra explanations to it, for more and deeper understanding. Of E-System, and of music theory as well.


I am not sure yet, if I will present it here, or on another website, I guess I will just see, from your reactions and how things will be developing 🙂


Thanks for coming! Thanks for taking the E-System guitar journey on! May good things keep happening…



Download E-System Guitar Manual bellow by clicking the link

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