Hash war and “Alice” and how the life goes…

First of all, I want to give empathy and show respect to Ryan. The situation he is in, hash war, is challenging indeed. And steps and decisions he took, are hard. I am only over a year in the crypto space. I hear about Bitcoin in 2012 but I did not comprehend it. My English […]

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Record phone screen, unlock with Money Button how to do it

Money Button Paywall Hey again! Money Button lovers and future Money Button lovers! Few people asked me, how do I record phone screen. Well, took me  a while. I am an Alice, after all. Year ago, when Unit wallet came out, and I wanted to record my experience, I was doing it on phone, and […]

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Playing with Money Button again

  What I have done with Money Button this time?   Experimenting with multiply tx output. And creating a button, that the family shares. First of all, I am not technical. Yet. I began to learn to code. Suddenly, all the letters, and business started to make a little more sence.  For many of you, […]

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