Things often get worse before they get better :-) Alice in wonderland



Things often get worse before they get better. I have an update for those reading my posts, and possibly thinking of us, or even caring. And for those I do like. Life took a curve and indeed, we improved our life situation. I indeed feel like an Alice in wonderland. We are back in off grid life, and I could not be happier. This surely is the best place lived so far, and yes, we did moved a lot.


Things often get worse before they get better

I read many times, I heard many times, I even was told that in regard to Bitcoin. Just before the hash was and during, we had quite challenging times. Short of cash, and short of Bitcoin, stuck in-house we do not like, far in mountains, with energy of dead meat. This part is famous for drying jamon, raw pork, leg of a pig. And believe it or not, it does influence life, especially if you are sensitive. We were stuck. Knowing there is not enough to pay rent, we would have to sold last BCH to pay rent for house, where we do not want to live. We had to change something. It took a while, some adventures, courage, but it definitely worth it!














We left the mountains and are back near the coast

living in lovely wooden cabin, powered with solar energy. In middle of nature but not that far by car to town.  The land around is like fairytale. So many corners, little surprises, great views and different energies. You can really feel it!

Plus, truly awesome thing is, that we can pay  rent with crypto.







Cooking and planting


I like to cook outside, or prepare staff for cooking. Today menu: soup


unfortunately I forgot all my seat in the other house. Over the years I learned, that it is important to start garden early. Best, the first days. I am chicky girl, and mostly find a way around.

The reason for soup was, that I can use “leftovers” to start my garden.




I cut veggies and potatoes and planted the peel and ends of parsley and onion and some garlic.







Before we eat, all was done 🙂 it felt and tasted delicious!!!


I announced in previous post, that I am sticking with Money Button.


And I do it. As well as with and I am looking forward to start posting again. 🙂 Everyday I check, if it is synchronized already, but it does not load for me, so I am guessing it is still in progress. Money Button works, slick like before. Ticker is updated to BSV and all is kind of “normal”.


In my head, I am already making new plans how to make a living a finally break through


The fact, that we sold BCH ABC for BSV put me back to own some  bitcoins, which is decent future, if you are not greedy or live in big city, which is not our dream and character either. Both of my girls were having little income from Yours, which is, among with some of the bitcoins that we have for them, good place. So the feeling failing as a parent is gone. Back on the track, guilt gone (understand, we spend almost all we had the past year, not selling from fear, but just paying expenses. My big fear was, that before crypto gets really adopted, I will have none.)


What is my plan than?

First of all, I want to get fit again. The past year, that we lived in houses and not on land, and digging into Bitcoin, made me stiff, bit fat, unhealthy. Too much wi-fi, too much time behind the screen, too little movement, too little fresh air, no animals. Total opposite then the previous 10 years.

Since we are on the land again, I am moving more, walking, and I am  filled with life energy. I am so happy with the change. Which then reflects in thoughts, and thought on health. Even tought we are all bit ill (change, stress falling away) I feel much better.

Getting energized. Getting prepared. Yours. Money Button. The E-System For Guitars, Number_Sonics,  stories from our off the grid life. Full of possibilities. I just need to keep writing and producing content, and get better and better.


Stay tuned, take care and may good things keep happening…




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