Working out funds in paper wallet. Editable Money Button. Chicken.

How I got my ABC coins out of paper wallet, kept SV there, and sold on Coinex ABC for more SV.

The short process, then longer personal story.  And chicken  at the end 🙂


I guess there is not yet many people who want to learn E-System for Guitars or Number_Sonics reading my posts yet, as I do not give that kind of content; yet.  I will add slowly more and more music theory staff here, but for now it is still for the crypto people. Surprisingly, birds told me, that some of you actually benefit or use my posts to do your things. This is awesome, considering, I am just an Alice, isn’t it?


This post then can give some of you idea, how to work out paper wallet, get ABC coins out and keep SV in there.

I only used paper wallets to give bits of BCH to people. I still had some left, before the fork happened. I collected my bits a pieces elsewhere,, Money Button, Kraken (that was bit scary, I could not take it out, until I realized the address format has to be legacy address) and I though I will take from Coinex too, but I was too late. They took a screenshot on the 14th of November already, and they credited me with SV coin, well, half of the coin. I sold the half of BCH had and together with the half of SV they split for me, I end up having 2 and half BSV.  If BSV is Bitcoin, then that is awesome!


Then Ryan announced that Money Button is going BSV, and as you might to know, I do like Money Button, I do like Yours, and I think Ryan is knowledgeable guy (do some research, read old articles, watch videos) I am not technical (much) and honestly I do not totally understand Bitcoin in whole its complexity and beauty. I also do not understand cars engine, but I am pretty good driver, even though I am blond (kidding, I wish too, but I am not going to put the chemical crap on my body anymore). I can compose music using alternative guitar theory I re-discovered, even tough I do not grasp the vast  conventional music theory). One life is not enough to know and understand everything.



Well, because I knew I am Money Button user, and I like to use crypto, and Money Button just get more and more adopted, I will be ok. I can spend from it, and earn into it. Therefor my coin of choise is BSV. Let the debate and arguing, fighting and attacking aside, for others to deal with, for “my things” Money Button and SV works. I am not business woman, and I doubt I ever be, and I am aware that most BSV supporters do not give a shit about me, maybe see me as a loser, because I still struggle to make a life, but who cares. I have unique things to share with people, and slowly, I will be rewarded. And if not in these years, at least I will leave something working for my daughters for their future. The videos and lessons that I will be adding now, will stay there, and people can use them forever. And cents will be coming and coming, until there will be enough to share with others too. Yes, I choose SV, but I am not capitalist in my heart, I do like to share, and I know, that in certain situations one needs a kick, financial injection, to stand on their own foot.

You know the story, don’t give man a fish, teach him fishing instead. Well, how easy can you learn, if you are starving, skinny, sick….maybe give man a fish, feed his belly, take stress off and then teach him fishing, is a better way to do so.


Anyhow. I wanted to sell my ABC coins from paper wallet. But I find out, I do not know how.  You can not send (well I think so) to exchange from paper wallet. I would trust Coinex to split them for me, as they did it before with what I left there, but I did not know, how to get it there.

The Electron Cash way was too difficult for me to grasp and do.

I wrote to few smart people, but they did not know. Which actually surprised me!

The price of SV was really low, around 40 dollars. I found out, I do not even know, how to properly use explorer. I was ashamed, after being year in this industry and not knowing such a activity well,  to ask publicly for advise.

And I decided to risk it.

I thought to myself, worse what can happen is, that I lose that SV in the paper wallet, which would be around 2, but if I sell ABC, I get nearly 4 for 1. It was worth the risk.


Credit to Miguel Duarte, who I contacted as well, and he told me, he think, that added reply protection. I still did not know, what that really means, even though I hear it often.

I found out SV explorer.

And I tried.

Swept paper wallet. Then I type the address into SV explorer and the coins were still there!

Relief. Then I sent to Coinex exchange the funds from wallet, (took ages to arrive, as that day was something peculiar happening, I was just praying that it will arrive, and that some reorg is not taking place, even tough, again, I have not much of clue what that is). Finally it arrived. I figured out and learned, how to check address in explorer, that you can see address where the funds were sent to as well, that you can see confirmations. Lesson learned by trying and exploring once again!


I quickly sold them, price was rising, but still it was around 50. The next day more than hundred, and I was pleased, that I had the balls to do it, and take the risk. Good timing as well.


If you have funds on paper wallet and want to send  ABC coins to an exchange and keep your SV coin, you can then:


  • swipe the paper wallet into wallet (it will only take ABC and leave SV in)
  • check out SV explorer, for you piece of mind, that SV coins are still in your paper wallet
  • if you sell ABC, you can withdraw  SV coins into Centbee, Handcash, or Money Button wallets


Of course, this is not a financial advise, it is just a story of what I did.




I also seen tweet pool, about how much are you rekt. And I realized, that we actually did amazing. I do not trade much, I tried, but it is not really for me, and I do not like it either. They say, with every trade someone win, someone loose. So, the feeling, that I am making money, while somewhere, someone is loosing them, does not really nourishes my soul. Of course, when BCH was so high last Christmas, we did not sold, and bought back later, but during the year, had to be taking out to cover our expenses. I was sorry to do so, and I did  worry, that before it will get normal to use Bitcoin in everyday life, we will not have much left.  If I look back now, it was good we were taking out through out the year. I also bought fly tickets few times, my phone broke so I had to get new one, I got Satoshi Doodles t-shirt, book, minor things….I managed to earn two bitcoins in the autumn.


So basically, we lived from it the past year, and now, when I sold what was left plus the given SV, we are the same, maybe even better in amount of coins, then before. So, no, I do not feel rekt, and I feel positive. There is possible to create an income, Money Button works fine, I am preparing some lessons to be uploaded to, and micro payments are the future and I am here right from the start. For a girl, living out of mainstream  madness and society, that is not bad at all.


And last thought. About chicken. We just moved. Some of you know. We are renting nice wooden cabin, out enough, but not too far to the town at the coast, and we got one chicken with it. Her name is Pepi.  I am thinking to use the crypto candy machine, and create feeding mechanism for them, like Spencer did. I think/read he do not support feeding them with Bitcoin SV (I read someone fed with Money Button, but I don’t know, if it is still possible).

Maybe we could take an advantage of my lifestyle and place (Europe timezone) and have also chickens that one can feed using Bitcoin, and Money Button. If you would like to sponsor it, or give us a loan to create it (shall be easy to pay back) let us know. We would need funds to:


  • buy the candy machine and the iozeta. It is now out of stock, but they do the ship to Spain
  • get some second-hand phone for streaming
  • buy few more chicken
  • buy rooter for internet
  • get installation  and pay month fee for internet (im on data now)



There can be adds placed on the fence, so when we show/feed chicken, people will see that. The sponsors would have cool promotion,  and we could have kind of income. (so I am bit of a capitalist after all) As I said before, I do like share, and there is no obstacle to share the donations. Could be done directly with Money Button as multiply tx output for example, or as monthly donations. What about Venezuela? What about Eat BCH? I noticed Handcash app does not have the native support anymore. Something might to come up? New people, new projects maybe, I be happy to spread and contribute. Let it roll.




This post is inspired by the new feature of the Money Button team, editable Money Button. because I do like to try new things, when I woke up this morning and find out what is possible now, I did create one and put on my site bar. I am, as usually, showing it on the end of my post as well, for the ease of use. Enjoy to play with it. If you want to test by some micro amount, you need to reload the page for your next tip, as the previous amount stays there, until you reload the page.


To change you Money Button to editable Money Button is easy. Get to the code, probably in you widget. You will see some lines of code. Plase cursor on new line, and type:


I also changed the ammount of tip to nothing, just took the amount out.

And into label instead of “tip Misha” I copied heart from emojipedia 🙂 Heart represents love, attention, kindness, support, and money is energy. Thanks for exchange!

Please contact me, if you have some thoughts or offers regarding the chicken.




If you feel to comment, this is your space :)