Purchased with bitcoin.

    Dear reader,   there are few things I would like to talk about.   my first invention The E – System For Guitars my second invention NUMBER_SONICS my experience with Bitcoin learning about Bitcoin…

  • misha_pelt

    Working out and playing requested tunes

      Second FB live   Some people asked for their tune. It made me feel positive. Looks like live sessions works. So I did, and even though I am still a bit nervous, it…

  • in_front_of_your_eyes

    Coming in front of your eyes

    I did it! Went live, spread the word   After a long (haha, it depends, all is relative), lets just say then, long enough time, I feel I finally find the way how to…

  • Mike_Jingle
    DOB Our friends

    Mike Jingle

    I would like to dedicate a post to Mike Jingle.   It is him, who introduced us the CAGED system. The seven major scales created by using numbers. The flamenco compas.   Our second…

  • leon_full_on
    DOB Leon


    Faruka, accoustic guitar     http://mishapelt.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/faruka.mp3…

  • jam_with_Gabriel
    DOB Made by YOU

    From Gabriel

    Visit Two friends came to visit us. Usually I offer DOB tune. Gabriel really liked the idea and few weeks after our encounter I received an email whit the song! I like people keeping…