It is fairly simple.

I figured out  to compose music in a way nobody else does, from date of birth, or a name.  Even though I am not a splendid musician I am receiving splendid feedback, check out the testimonial page.

I love Bitcoin Cash for its potential to make the world a better place for all  and its active and welcoming community of smart, inventive people with big hearts.

I want to help adoption, and through my unique skill I think it is possible, with help of people who will spread the word and share out my websites.

I want to create a passive income in BCH, through my contributions, hence the novel tip button bellow.

I will also share my journey into music and cryptocurrency, and maybe inspire others to do so as well.

Eventually I will add a little shop, to have a product and not rely only on donations and generosity of others.

I will keep the website simple and not too fancy, I want to focus on writing and playing, creating content, and not become stuck in design. It can get overwhelming and stop the creative process and bring up frustration. I know that, and I learned my lessons.


Welcome and come back 🙂