It is fairly simple.

I figured out how to compose music using kind of math (numerology principles and music harmony),  from date of birth, or a name.  Even though I am not a splendid musician I am receiving splendid feedback, check out the testimonial page.

I love Bitcoin (Cash) for its potential to make the world a better place for all.

I want to help adoption of cryptocurrency , and through my unique skills I think it is possible. With the Money_Button actually easy.

I am also spreading the word about Money Button and crypto, and want to bring as online mission as well. (doing that with My2cents.cash now)

You can help by sharing my staff occasionally with your circles, and using the Money Button as my patron, until this gets big. After that, I either will pay someone, to make an algorithm and bring Number_Sonics to a different level, create an app etc. or help will come out of somewhere/nowhere. That is how life works, isn’t it?

I will keep the website simple and not too fancy, focusing on writing and playing, creating content, and not to become stuck in design. It can get overwhelming and stop the creative process and bring up frustration. I know that, and I learned my lessons.

Welcome and come back 🙂