Improve your oral sex (and your girl’s experience) with Money Button. :-)


Money Button Paywall

Let the girl have fun too

So I am learning to make a paywall with Money Button.
I am also learning html, and I can already do some staff. I was thinking,
what to put behind the wall. I am not sure, how to do images yet,
I know little bit about links, I am on data, and can not really watch
tutorials. To explain things like music theory or Number_Sonics, takes more
effort, and also, not that many care. More over, there will be soon
a place to do so.

What a value I can give you?

To as many people as possible.

Hmm, everybody does sex, right? Or atleast would like to.
Then, I have a little tip, that makes oral sex more fun.

You know, girls like to have a chocolate in mouth when sucking, do you?
But do you know, what chocolate is the best? The most useful and suitable
for such a activity? It is:

now it comes…</p

Slide the Money Button to find out


Here is why:

  • melts slowly, which provides nice loly pop
  • it is thick, and takes long to lick it all off
  • it also has more cacao and less crap in

Thanks for sliding the button. Have fun next time 🙂


all of this I made in Atom, and then just copied all the text into the text part here, in WP post, because I do not know yet how to do it otherwise. Except this sentence, which I am typing right now. It looks like it is working!

If you dont have issue with money, and would like from some reason to support my learning journey, use the button bellow. Little by little I might to collect enoguh to pay the rent, and have more time for studying and practicing all the possible things, that coding offers.


Playing with Money Button again


What I have done with Money Button this time?


Experimenting with multiply tx output. And creating a button, that the family shares.

First of all, I am not technical. Yet.

I began to learn to code. Suddenly, all the letters, and business started to make a little more sence.  For many of you, this is very normal.

Lets put it other way around.

To make a tune derived from name is easy. You just have to turn letters into numbers, and find out the Key. You then transform the numbers into chords, and harmonize them. Find possitions on guitar that are playable and sound good. Done.


I can do that in minutes. similarly, many of you can create all possible things in minutes. It is the languages, that we mastered, that make things easy for us. 


How is it possible that Alice like me, can do such a things?

  • the faith in Bitcoin
  • the amazement of being part of it
  • the wish to be useful
  • the need of being the change
  • the balls
  • the awesomeness of learning
  • the courage
  • the fact, that I am me and capable



The steps I took to make this button

  1. examining the existing snippet
  2. figuring out, how the addresses fits in
  3. copy 3 times the part of code that seemed to influence the addresses
  4. deleting existing BCH address  and replacing with 3 other ones
  5. finding out, that it does not work
  6. examining the two codes closely
  7. finding the mistakes
  8. trying it again
  9. it is working now!




Here is other one, for those who can easily afford to slide it, and want to support me on my journey. The whole family gets the same  portion of the tip. But at the end of the month, we all will pull our recourses together to pay a rent. (at least I hope so!)



Why I made a button that the whole family share?


Because we have a common vision. We all would love to have a home.

We all want a garden, to produce food for us.

The smaller one most, but we all would like a dog.

I am on the computer constantly. Almost. I am still cooking, cleaning, and occasionally entertaining the kids.  Making love with my partner.

But it is too much for them all. I am not present for them like I used to be. Not that much attention. Not that much love, seemingly.

There was a time, we were living in this environment. We are not, the last year, which has both, pros and cons, but that is for another story.




So, I got the idea, that if they too, will see what Money Button does, they will forgive me. They will let me focus more. They will unite to create an environment and space so I can learn more, and produce more. My greed for time and space, their greed for money. Let’s see, what comes out of it. 


As I mentioned, I am learning to code now. I already understand a bit of HTML, and reading about CSS, next is Java script. Then, I shall be able create apps like




I tell you in my next post. But to give you a clue, adoption, Czech, Bitcoin x Bitcoin Cash, empowering, and of-course, leading to financial independence and betterment of life situation.

We have love and awareness. But we are missing the kind of freedom, that money can give. It is better this way, as the other way around is hard. There is many rich people, that are clueless and ignorant.  And unhappy, sad, and lonely.


Oh, I almost forgot to add my mantra:


May good things keep happening…


and also the updated version:


With Money Button, good things are happening!



Take care, people, thanks for reading and sliding 🙂






Oh, the possibilities with Money Button!

Multiply outputs, Money Button that shares tips. Cryptodignity, Anika, Paola.

What I done with Money Button

Hi all of you visiting my website!

Thanks Ryan for putting me to the panel!


I would like to put examples of what I did with Money Button into one post, to show you. 


Bellow is Anika’s and Paola’s posts, they both have a Money Button created by me. In this button, the tip is set to 10 cents, and 8 cents is for the girls, while 2 cents of your tip is for me, as a revenue for uploading the posts and enocuraging the girls become active users of the blockchain technology.


But this is actually second thing. When I played with this possibility of multiply outputs, the first thing I tried was to create a tip button, where 20% of the tip goes automatically to Eat BCH _ SS (South Sudan).

I did so on my other webstie, Cryptodignity.  There are tunes for some people of the BCH ecosystem, that I derived from their name or handle and I call it Number_Sonics.

It is my way to show them respect. Through out the history, people were honored through the arts. I am bringing that back with my personalized tunes.


If you are not interested to see that, I copied that Money Button bellow, so you still use that button, and by sliding it, you tip me 8 cents, and you tip  2 cents  to Eat BCH at the same time.

Money Button from Cryptodignity website, tip me and Eat BCH South Sudan. Sharing is caring, caring is sharing!

Anika and Paola create art, and are payed for doing so! Read, see and slide bellow 🙂

Anika Pelt, aspiring artist, anime lover


is my daughter. Today I created Money Button for her, so she can collect some rewards, monetize her art. She owns a little bit of cryptocurrency already, which she earned on 

Her posts will appear in category Anika, for future referrence. She loves drawing. Currently, she is very interested in Anime. This picture is older, but my favorite one.

This is also the first post of this website, and I feel, start with a guardian Angel, more even, Bitcoin Cash Guardian Angel, is a great way to open the energy, and bless this brand new website.

May many people find out about Money Button, especially artists, through my website, and liberate themself from the mark of Starving Artist. Abundance is here, and Money Button leads us there.

Again, thans Rayan X Charles and the team, for such a awesome tool!

BCH Guardian Angel


Tip Anika with Money Button (2 cents goes to mama, example of multiply outputs)

Sotrytelling 🙂

Crazy woman and fish

Hello, I am Paola

Paola took on challenge today, and guess what ?

Every day (at least she will do her best to commit and me too) she will tell us a story.

We got story cubes, and thought it is nice way to entertain ourselves and others, while practicing and encouraging little people in story telling.


Tip Paola with Money Button

Customize Money Button, changes


Fixing the button

The Money Button created with blurry code.

I described my experience in this post yesterday.  It did not looked how it should. I got help from David, he sent me the code and what I shall change. Basically just two things. Change  const mb_type = from "buy" into "tip" and  amount 0 to 1.  I made those changes, and indeed, now it looks like it should. 🙂


In the custom html widget tought, are some !!!!!!!!! in yellow triangle and bellow it says, that 3 changes are needed before saving. I have no clue what they are and how shall I do it. I save it anyway and the button is there, and woking.


I am adding a screenshot of it





And this is screenshot of the Money Button




Above it are two of the rectangles, which is probably not needed. There may be some hint for people, to choose the amount they want to tip, if the sum is other then default. Like to tell them, that they can choose :-). I mean, "normal" people will not know that. The attention goes directly to the Money Button.

Aslo, the 10 could be changed or away? Is that deciding what the arrows will do? Shall there be 100 to move in dollars instead of cents? Or 1?

I added one more custom HTML widget with the code, so poeple do not have to scroll up to see the button, but it does not show fully. I added another widget (tags) and though it can solve it, but still, the Money Button does not show up.


Thats for my second experience with blurry code.


Thank You, David 🙂




Learning customized Money Button

So I seen another post on, the platform founded by same person, as Money Button, a guy with big heart, big visions, and a great knowledge, that he also can pass forward, Ryan X Charles. (not having crash on him, just big respect)

The post is by David Foderic, (click the link to follow him on Twitter).

and you can see it here. The title is:

Undocumented Money Button Feature improves usage tracking and reporting


I am in the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem since the beginning, and it has been a Journey with big J for me.

I learned about Bitcoin Cash before its conception, when I appeared to be in Arnhem (not a coincidence, I know the Feature of Bitcoin conference is happening there) and the life arrange for me to be a host on dinner party.  My partner is Dutch, I am Czech. For the summer, mostly me and our girls, are  going to Czech, to escape the Andalusian heat, and to see friends and family. Leon, my partner, does not fancy Czech much, and  stays in Spain.  We got used to take such a break over the years (more than decade together) and see positives that it is bringing to our relation ship. Holland is not far from Czech, and the dutch family help with ticket for girls, and took care after them for 3 days and I was free to go to Arnhem. The story and my experience you can read here and second part here.


For me Yours was and is a place to learn, discover, connect, practice, give and gain.

I can say, few valuable friendships came out of it as well.


Lets get back to the purpose of this post, which is not talking about my and Yours, but about me and the post from Yours.


Intro from that post:


If you've used Money Button for any length of time you have probably wished for more information to show up in the transaction history. I am going to show you how to capture the following information every time someone uses your button.


So, yes, I am using Money Button since the beginning. I had the prototype and I also was the first one, who had the New Money Button (the version that is now official) installed on this website. I am running also Cryptodignity, and (the later one is in maintenance mode just now, because I am not finished with my ideas). On Cryptodignity, I managed to set multiply output, and I am sharing tips with EatBCH_SS, (go ahead and try that out, if not tips are coming, they can not be shared out) and for a while my girls were creating content on the My2cents, and I manage to take 2 cents from their posts (I do all the technical staff, so I feel like to have some reward, and to experiment)

Yes, that feature, David is offering, can be beneficial to me. I am aware, that there will be official Money Button WP plugin, not in far future, and all this things might not be necessary, but hey! Learning is great and rewarding. And I am ahead, which is pretty awesome for kind of Alice, that I like to call myself, in regards to crypto, especially the technical world of it.


I check the Github link, and wanted to try, but found out, that I have no idea, what to fill in the fields.

You can see my comment:

  earned 0.0¢
Sometimes I feel really stupid. I have no idea, understanding of some fields. ):
Prompt for amount amount prompt
Prompt for reference order number
then in the advanced
Button id
Client identifier
then show receipt after payment (how it will show? Do I have to create it?)


I got answer back, that did not helped me much. I read the post again, and found this link, that I overlooked before.  Money Button documentation.

I read it, and things started to make more sence. So I went ahead to this:

and began to experiment. Few times it did not work, and lets see, if now it will.

Basically I filled in the fields, and purchased the code for 25 cents. I copy it, and paste it in the widget, that you can see bellow.


The button works on that page, when it encourage me to try it live.



From comparing this two, I learn something about the fields I did not know.  That is  positive.


But, It does not really work in this post and widget.




something is wrong.


What works is the: Show Receipt after payment, and share to Twitter.

see the pic bellow









I am going to hit the publish button, and share this post, and lets see, what learning comes after it.

I think the Money Button will not work, and in my opinion is also does not look that nice visually, but I can see the benefits of it.

There are other Money Buttons on this site, if you want to support me or get your Number_Socnis (tune from your name) worked out and played on my guitar. (most likely from the roof top)


May good things keep happening...


Online busking, why not, it is possible these days

On the rooftop, this sunny day, with my guitar and Number_Sonics making for thispost ,

I thought of online busking. My partner Leon went to the coast for the weekend, to make some money for us,  and I am with the kids.  Many times I thought if I would have free hands, what I would be able to achieve? And the idea of online busking is incubating in my mental womb.

The age of internet, cryptocurrency and micro-payments

opens up doors with many possibilities, opportunities, and  experiences, that have never been possible before. Like micro-payments.


With Bitcoin Cash

micro-transactions are possible. The fees are close to zero. Transactions nearly instant.  And can be sent from anywhere on the planet, no opening hours, no holidays. Full time on.


I did not practice playing guitar much, since we are back in Spain, few weeks, and sure you can hear it. On the other hand, there is not many girls, playing guitar on the roof, to entertain BCH community, and maybe to let some other people know, that Bitcoin Cash exist.


Hey, if you are a musician, stay in touch! Remember? I am pregnant with ideas!!!




So I went for it, and created brand new Money Button, my magic hat. How much would you through in, if you would meet me in real life? Would you look to other side? Would you stop and listen?  Ask about BCH? Through some coins? Get me a coffee? Welcome to virtual reality.


Ryan X. Charles

Hi Ryan (:

finishing my surprise. After you is only me left, and hopefully Money Button is launch by now. All the members of Money Button Telegram chat room got their Number_Sonics tunes. My surprise to celebrate the launch! And a page dedicated to the Money Button pioneers.

I truly hope this revolutionary invention will take off smoothly and quickly and change for ever and for better the way how money and internet works.

Thank you for putting in your energy, brain, heart and time.

May good things keep happening ….(even though I know, there is no good or bad, and things just are,  it just sound nice and positive to me and that is what matters)

Enjoy another tune of yours.

Misha Pelt