Money_Button pioneers

I  dedicate this page to all the people, who joined the Telegram channel for Money Button and become  pioneers of such an invention.

Now, you are between first people on the planet, who  experience the sound of their name/handle.

I am deriving these tunes using kind of math, numerology principles and music harmony.  It is a novel idea, that I am not aware if anybody else does, quite yet. (I might use Money Button in the future to give courses on that skill.)

Until now, those tunes were only given as an honour or gift. And not available for sale. 

With Money Button invention, I changed my mind. They will be available for sale, exclusively for Cryptocurrency! Genial invention, this Money Button, have I mentioned that? 😉

I really hope you like it and I managed to entertain and surprise you. For people interested in novel ideas, there is a treat. 🙂

I am happy, that me, “girl from the woods” is between the first people on the Earth using invention, that is going to change the world of money and business on the web, and that I am part of it.


Use the search button to find your name/handle. And let me know, if I made smile on your face or my music pet your heart.  Or even if you become angry that I made the tune. In such a  case I delete it quickly. One never knows.


Thank You Ryan X. Charles and the team! You have done incredible work and service to humanity.


May good things keep happening…