I do like change


I am not much of a disciplined person, and I am aware of it.

When we become aware of our minuses, put light on it, how the saying goes, the possibility to improve and change it is immediate.

There is a plenty of what  I want to change.

One of such a thing is discipline, consistency. I do not necessarily need to master it,  yet a decent improvement  in this field will bring positive changes to my personal as well as professional life.

There is a journey ahead of myself.  I am changing my environment for next three months. Leaving my current home in Spain, heading to the country of my origin, the Czech Republic.


I see it as a great opportunity to put myself together, become the better me, improve my  physical condition,  my musical skills,  get back to the habit of meditating regularly, spend more quality time with my kids,  keep writing and producing content, and become financially independent. I have the potential to meet all of that, and possibly could have done it already, if I would adopt and internalized the art of discipline.

There is also the low self-esteem crap, which I am letting go just now: DONE.


There is  a value in what I do and what I live.  Not for everyone, but for some. Why the hell I shall not share? I do not fear to be liked or hated. It is all subjective and personal, and we can never please or make angry everyone and all.


You are most  welcome to join me on my journey.


Thank you for reading,


May good things keep happening






2 thoughts to “Intro”

  1. I am with you and the learning.

    You enter my thoughts often since Arnhem as you were the songbird in our cage, if we dared to listen.

    Thank you

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