Backtick, Paymail



So there is new telegram group Paymail Handles.

And there is also new page on this website. Hint, the word paymail is there too.

Both created the same day. Hmmm. So there was a demand for such a think to be created.

I joined the telegram group today and read through. There are rules how to post.


Beleive or not, I can’t code. The language is unknown to me yet. But im alredy in love with it. It is kind of magic.


To showcase your handle, the text has to be formated. I had no clue, how to do ot, what it means and if I can even do it from the phone.


I asked, but no answer came within 3 min or so. Then I tried to ask Mr Google.

I had not even idea how to ask  and just tipe coding language, back ticks.

Then I noticed autocorrect, the word is actually backtick 🙂


To my huge surprice, all that is to it, is this:  “`


“`then here you type the text and close it with it too“`

I tried to post testing word and it works!


I though, this might help to someone.


Check out the group and post you paymail.



Ps: learning every day, all the way to death


Thank you Bitcoin, my learning truly increased the last two year….


If you feel to comment, this is your space :)