Oh, the possibilities with Money Button!

Multiply outputs, Money Button that shares tips. Cryptodignity, Anika, Paola.

What I done with Money Button

Hi all of you visiting my website!

Thanks Ryan for putting me to the panel!


I would like to put examples of what I did with Money Button into one post, to show you. 


Bellow is Anika’s and Paola’s posts, they both have a Money Button created by me. In this button, the tip is set to 10 cents, and 8 cents is for the girls, while 2 cents of your tip is for me, as a revenue for uploading the posts and enocuraging the girls become active users of the blockchain technology.


But this is actually second thing. When I played with this possibility of multiply outputs, the first thing I tried was to create a tip button, where 20% of the tip goes automatically to Eat BCH _ SS (South Sudan).

I did so on my other webstie, Cryptodignity.  There are tunes for some people of the BCH ecosystem, that I derived from their name or handle and I call it Number_Sonics.

It is my way to show them respect. Through out the history, people were honored through the arts. I am bringing that back with my personalized tunes.


If you are not interested to see that, I copied that Money Button bellow, so you still use that button, and by sliding it, you tip me 8 cents, and you tip  2 cents  to Eat BCH at the same time.

Money Button from Cryptodignity website, tip me and Eat BCH South Sudan. Sharing is caring, caring is sharing!

Anika and Paola create art, and are payed for doing so! Read, see and slide bellow 🙂

Anika Pelt, aspiring artist, anime lover


is my daughter. Today I created Money Button for her, so she can collect some rewards, monetize her art. She owns a little bit of cryptocurrency already, which she earned on Yours.org 

Her posts will appear in category Anika, for future referrence. She loves drawing. Currently, she is very interested in Anime. This picture is older, but my favorite one.

This is also the first post of this website, and I feel, start with a guardian Angel, more even, Bitcoin Cash Guardian Angel, is a great way to open the energy, and bless this brand new website.

May many people find out about Money Button, especially artists, through my website, and liberate themself from the mark of Starving Artist. Abundance is here, and Money Button leads us there.

Again, thans Rayan X Charles and the team, for such a awesome tool!

BCH Guardian Angel


Tip Anika with Money Button (2 cents goes to mama, example of multiply outputs)

Sotrytelling 🙂

Crazy woman and fish

Hello, I am Paola

Paola took on challenge today, and guess what ?

Every day (at least she will do her best to commit and me too) she will tell us a story.

We got story cubes, and thought it is nice way to entertain ourselves and others, while practicing and encouraging little people in story telling.


Tip Paola with Money Button

If you feel to comment, this is your space :)