Writing. Inpsired by Isaac Moorehouse

After period of life, that did not allow me to write daily, I am settled in Czech Republic for the summer of 2019. I learned, after two years being, observing the online space, the consistency is very important.

As well as discipline.

And I do lack both. And I am aware of that. The best way to improve is to put light on the darkness and be, do the best, that we can, in the current moment.


It is hard to start, sometimes. Doubts come. English is not proper. What this girl, can say, so others can benefit from it. Well,

post landed in my inbox from Isaac Morehouse, and truly inspired me.


I can just write, for the sake of writing. And things gets better. They say, that after repeating something for 60 days, it becomes a habit.

So, as of today, 19 of June, 2019

I am setting myself up for a journey to learn consistency, to stop doubt myself, to write. Do not look too much for the outcome, just write for myself, few others and maybe for my girls, who will gain more understanding about acts and thought of their mother….when they grow up and will (possibly) read some of my words.

If some will join me, it likely will feel nice. If not, and I persist anyway, it will empower me.


I wish myself and you a nice day, days, weeks, years….:-)


Bellow I store that article, and also mine post on Yours.org from last year, for Isaac and also little tune, made from his name.


Now, If I would not start todays post, I would not remember that tune, and would search Yours.org posts and didn’t came across this one. This act of myself, today, is already working! I gave myself a smile.


Creative vs. Consumptive Writing



If you feel to comment, this is your space :)