Anime by Anika

Hi all 🙂


I am letting you know, that we are up to lots of things right now, some of them is  creating a website for Anika and also for Paola (how it would be possible that one gets it and other not?) We are currently living off the grid, which is nice on one side, but hard to work on the other, as everything is done on data and thetered connection. Before the sites are ready, which might take a little time,  we will post Anikas’ staff here.

If you know her from, you can see, that she improved her skills. And as we entered the era of micro-payments, we are going to use it.

Bellow is picture that she made and then colored in. And black and white copy in pdf for you to color in! Or to give your frinds that have kids 🙂 It should be downloadable pdf, and better quality, as we went to town and scanned it.




Click the link bellow to download black and white picture and use the Money Button, if you like to reward her 🙂

   Anime color in #1


Thank you. Let us know, if you like it!

May good things keep happening…

If you feel to comment, this is your space :)