Now You too, can buy “unwriters T-shirt” . Wave One

I am happy to announce, that the first ever “Unwriters T-shirt” was sold in auction for 1 BSV.





The awesome guy, who  bought the T-shirt did not keep it for himself, but forwarded it to someone else in this space! We used HandCash for the transaction. You can read about the auction here.


I am sure, that we all will hear a little more about this, when the time comes and I am not gonna spoil the story by telling you now more details. Lets all wait and see 🙂


I am also very happy to tell you, that You can now buy this T-shirt by swiping one of Money Buttons bellow. Because the shipping cost is different for different continents, I created three buttons for you to choose. One for Spain, one for Europe, one for others like USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, China…

The T-shirts are printed locally, that is why,  in this wave one, the price is higher.

To add more value, and balance the price,  I will make a tune from name or date in addition to every purchase.

If you do not want it for yourself, you can get it as present for someone else! Those tunes I make using kind of math, numerology principles and music harmony, and they are very unique to each name or date. 🙂


Thank you all for participating and bringing us to wave two.

Wave two will  be a proper shop, cheaper shipping coast and different items too. The ideas are here, now just let it all come together!


Go ahead and choose one of Money Buttons bellow,  and fill in contact form so I know where to sent it to. Thank you. I am happy, I found a way to create value for you 🙂 and an income for me 🙂

Option 1 (outside of Europe)

Option 2 (Europe)

Option 3 (Spain)

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