One item :-)

Unusually, this shop, or rather, idea of a shop,  starts with one item. One, unique, first of its kind…

There is only one item to be sold, to kick-start this idea, and allow me to print out more and equip the future little shop, I am not going to the complicated details of my life situation. For now, this is the option I have, and this page is the idea how I can move forward.

Music provides a kind of pleasure, that human nature can not do without.  Confucius

While the quote above is true, and I made some people happy with tunes, I also accepted, that I can’t make a life with it.

But let’s get back to the point.

The item available to you,  is:

the very first T-shirt of this kind (and yes, I did ask unwriter, it is ok with him). By purchasing this t-shirt, you honor the speed, creation, application of “our” mysterious developer, who opened the door for so many and much more 🙂


I will send it on Monday, 18th of March, to the one person, who offers the highest price

and opens up the energy.  In addition, I will also make you a tune, to honor you action.


Maybe you would like to listen to tune, I made for unwriter?

The T-shirt carries the energy of creation and innovation, of both, unwriter & myself,

as the tune I derived from his handle, with  method I call Number_Sonics.

Enter this “game” / auction/ kick-start/ by swiping Money Button.


Now, bit of honesty. I have no idea about auctions, and how to make them, therefore  I make it my way, as usually 🙂

Bellow this posts is a comment section. Just scroll little bit down and bid your price. I will contact the highest bidder and answer his/her comment with a link to post, where will be that special Money Button made, to swipe and make a payment.

When the shop is succesful and running, I will pick time from time one of you, and share a bit of revenue, into your Money Button. I can do so, because I will have the id of all participants, through the “enter” feature. 🙂


Thank you to my model, Paola, she too will have a little revenue 🙂









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