Awesome people, BCH and chicken

There was this tweet, by @Spencer Lambert, about Chicken, wormfood, HandCashApp, and you, the person who sent tip, and of course I had to try that out!




Spencer Lambert is very inventive indeed!


Here is post, where he made a fountain, which starts running, anytime Eat BCH receives a donation. Waw!!!     🙂


I tried this new invention. And I recorded it the process. In case you do not have BCH and would like to see it, for example. Or just for fun. Or because I learned how to record screen videos.




Take care, people

Misha Pelt

With the Money Button release my vision became clear and easy. Despit the crypto frenzy, we have now an invention, that opens the door for users of most cryptocurrency,to pay and be payed online, to create apps easily, enable content creators of all kinds to have an income. Opens the door for people to use clean money aka Bitcoin cash on daily basis, if they wish to. At last but not least, it is allowing me to do what I like, what is useful, helping others and myself. In plain langueage, I am out of the shit, without compromising my values. I knew I am gonna make it, and it is happening right now! Welcome in the wonderland.

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