Number_Sonics give away Colored coins on BCH

Money_Button causes


The End of survival of an independent artist and inovator, Misha Pelt.


In the Bitcoin Cash space, and crypto space partially, I guess poeple are aware, and awaiting the revolutionary Money_Button release.

I do have the prototype down bellow, and most likely I was between the first people who implemented it.


This kind of invention is somethink I wished for and now it is a reality.

!!!Thank You, Ryan X. Charles!!!


I am getting ready for the Money_Button release, and actually preparing a surprise for that day. But that is not, what I really want to talk about.


Today, I created colored coins

called Number_Sonics give away, as a means of excahnge, so some of you still can get this tune for free, even without knowing me, or asking me for a favor.


I issued 1111 units and I will give them away. Some totaly and  some as excahnge for your support, help, love, spreading the word etc.


May good things keep happening …





Please, Feel free and ok, to  sent me your cashaddress through the contact page to receive some Number_Sonics give away colored coins! It makes me happy to give.



HandCash handle is $cryptodignity, if you want to support me, I kindly appreciate it, as I am stuck in Czech and need fly tickets back to Spain, for me and my two girls. I purchased only one_way, with BCH, and the currency is so down now, that if I have to buy them all myself, I will have not much left.



Yours Misha Pelt

Misha Pelt

With the Money Button release my vision became clear and easy. Despit the crypto frenzy, we have now an invention, that opens the door for users of most cryptocurrency,to pay and be payed online, to create apps easily, enable content creators of all kinds to have an income. Opens the door for people to use clean money aka Bitcoin cash on daily basis, if they wish to. At last but not least, it is allowing me to do what I like, what is useful, helping others and myself. In plain langueage, I am out of the shit, without compromising my values. I knew I am gonna make it, and it is happening right now! Welcome in the wonderland.

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    1. Hi:-)
      Also to the address from reddit. You will have enough for freiends and family, birthdays and Christmas presents. The first mover adventage. Thanks again for being revolutionary!

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